,the duly elected, qualified and acting Secretary of (Institution),
,AR, ("City, AR"), do hereby certify that set forth below is a true, correct and complete copy of
resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors or Loan Committee of the Institution at a meeting duly convened and
held, pursuant to notice properly given or waivers of notice properly made pursuant to applicable banking laws, on
(Date), (Time), at which meeting a quorum for the transaction of business was at all
times present and acting, and that said resolutions, approvals and authorizations have not been amended or revoked and
are now in full force and effect:
RESOLVED, that the Security Agreement for Funds Held in Deposit (“Agreement”) by and between
_ (Institution) and
("Depositor"), dated as of , is hereby approved and the President and the Secretary of
the Institution be, and they hereby are, authorized, empowered and directed, for and in the name of and on
behalf of the Institution, to execute such Agreement and deliver it to Depositor; and
FURTHER RESOLVED, that during the term of the Agreement the Institution is hereby authorized
and empowered to pledge and transfer as collateral thereunder such securities of the Institution as
determined by a Duly Authorized Institution Officer; and
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of the Institution be, and he hereby is, authorized,
empowered and directed to maintain the Agreement as an official record of the Institution until
its revocation, rescission or termination; and
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the officers of the Institution be, and they hereby are,
authorized, empowered and directed to take such actions and to execute and deliver such documents and
instruments as they may deem necessary to satisfy the obligations and covenants of the Institution under
such Agreement and to carry out the intents, purposes and objects of these resolutions; and
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the officers of the Institution listed below are hereby designated as the
Duly Authorized Institution Officers under the Agreement, with full power and authority to determine the
initial securities to be pledged as collateral thereunder and to approve all substitutions of collateral, releases
of collateral, and additional pledges of collateral thereunder, and if needed, to designate representatives of
the Institution to transact business with the Depositor.
WITNESS my hand and seal this
day of , .
Secretary Signature