Created 7/2016
Well in advance of the COA application deadline contact staff to discuss your project, and if necessary,
to make an appointment to meet with staff for a project consultation in office or on site.
Complete all applicable sections and submit with the COA application form. Staff can assist you in determining
what items are required for your scope of work. An incomplete application may cause delays in processing or
may be deferred to the next agenda. Application materials must clearly represent current and proposed
conditions. Refer to Standards for Demolition outlined in Section 30.930.7(d) of the City Code, as well as, the
Richmond Old and Historic Districts Handbook and Design Review Guidelines.
property description, current conditions and any prior alterations or additions
PHOTOGRAPHS place on 8 ½ x 11 page, label photos with description and location
elevations (all sides)
interior views that show structural damage and/or deterioration
legal “plat of survey” showing improvements
evidence of any consideration by the owner of uses and adaptive reuses, relocation or re-sale of the property
rehabilitation cost estimates, itemized and detailed
comparison costs of rehabilitation of the existing building, demolition of the building and new construction
report by a licensed structural engineer on the feasibility of rehabilitation
evidence that the building does or does not contribute to the historic character of the Old and Historic District
complete architectural plans and drawings of the intended future use of the property (See CAR New Construction
plans to reuse or recycle -- list of building materials to be salvaged
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