(ROTC Cadet Cmd PAM 145-4)
I have been briefed this date on government-sponsored benefits for ROTC cadets and
understand that--
1. Enrolled ROTC cadets and applicants for enrollment who suffer illness/injury as a
result of authorized (scheduled and supervised) training, or authorized travel to and from
such training, are eligible for compensation through the Department of labor/Department
of Veteran Affairs.
2. ROTC cadets may not receive medical coverage and disability benefits from the
Department of Labor or the Department of Veteran Affairs for injuries sustained when
traveling off-post for personal recreation/activities. It is the responsibility of the
individual cadet to obtain adequate or additional insurance to cover themselves for off-
post, non-ROTC related activities.
3. ROTC cadets must report any injury/illness sustained while participating in authorized
training or authorized travel to and from such training to the battalion commander/PMS
or other authorized cadre. Cadets are responsible for submission of claims to the proper
department as listed in paragraph 1 above, with the assistance of battalion cadre.
4. Army medical treatment facilities (subject to the availability of space, facilities, and
capabilities of the professional staff) are authorized to provide care for injury incurred or
disease contracted while attending field training.
5. Injured students who are eligible to receive medical treatment are authorized medical
care from the following sources:
a. U.S. Public Health Service hospitals or physicians where available.
b. Army, Navy, Air Force, or VA medical treatment facilities, subject to the
availability of space, facilities, and the capabilities of the professional staff.
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CC FM 136-R, Aug 01
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