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CCDC Copyright 2018
Canadian Construction Documents Committee
Statutory Declaration Standard Construction Document
of Progress Payment Distribution by Subcontractor CCDC 9B – 2018
To be made by the Subcontractor as a condition for either
second and subsequent progress payments; or
release of holdback.
Information Appearing in the Subcontract
Name of Project
Date of Subcontract: ______________________________.
I solemnly declare that, as of the date of this declaration, I am an authorized signing officer, partner or sole proprietor of the
Subcontractor, and as such have authority to bind the Subcontractor, and have personal knowledge of the fact that all accounts
for labour, sub-subcontracts, products, services, and construction machinery and equipment which have been incurred directly
by the Subcontractor in the performance of the work as required by the subcontract, and for which the Contractor might in any
way be held responsible, have been paid in full as required by the subcontract up to and including the latest progress payment
received, as identified above, except for:
1) holdback monies properly retained,
2) payments deferred by agreement, or
3) payment withheld by reason of legitimate dispute which has been identified to the party or parties from whom payment
has been withheld.
I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true, and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if
made under oath.
Declared before me in ____________________________ this _______ day of _____________________ in the year ________
City/Town and Province
_______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Signature (A Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, etc.)
Application for payment number ____________________
dated _________________________________ is the last
application for payment for which the Subcontractor has
received payment.
Name of Subcontractor
Name of Contractor
The making of a false or fraudulent declaration is a contravention of the
Criminal Code of Canada, and could carry, upon conviction, penalties
including fines or imprisonment.
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