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Home Phone:
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Street Address:
2-hour minimum, 48 hour notice required prior to rental start time, all fees must be paid in full to reserve facility
Fees (see resident info below)
Community Center Gym Full
Court for basketball or volleyball
$50R & $100NR per hour
Scoreboard - $10/hour
Floor Cover - $250
Activity Room 111
$40R & $80NR per hour
40 people
Tables and chairs upon request
Activity Room 112
$40R & $80NR per hour
50 people
Tables, chairs, sink, water fountain,
**A “Clayton Resident” is defined as someone who resides within the Town Limits of the Town of Clayton as defined by the Clayton
Planning Department. It is possible to have a Clayton address assigned by the US Postal Service and not reside within the Town
limits. If you are unsure of your residential status please call (919) 553-1550
(R) Resident (NR) Non Resident
ACP (Small)
ACP (Large)
Hunter Street Park
Jaycee Park
Nature Park (Large)
Nature Park (Small)
Kelly Road Park
Seagrove Farms Park
3-hour minimum, 24 hour notice required prior to rental start time, available
hours vary by season: (Nov-Feb: 10am-6pm / Mar-Oct: 8:30am-9:30pm)
Town of Clayton Parks & Recreation Reservation Form
Applications are processed at the Clayton Community Center
Contact Matt Lorion with questions 919-553-1550
715 Amelia Church Rd, Clayton, NC 27520
Application Received by: _______________________________________ Date: ______________________________
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Rental Date: ___/___/___ Day (Check one): M T W Th F S Su From: _______ To: ______
Type of Rental (Event name i.e. Party, Team Building, Practice):__________________________________________
Check one:
Community Center Gym Activity Room 111 Activity Room 112
Fees are non-refundable. Rentals can be rescheduled upon availability.
a) User is responsible for cleaning the requested area and/or facility after use. Abusive use of the facility will
result in revoking user’s further privileges and user will be responsible for 100% of any damages to the
b) NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any Clayton Parks and Recreation
c) The Town reserves the right to deny any rental application where the proposed use is deemed to conflict with
planned programs or adjacent or existing rentals.
d) Rentals are booked on a first come first served basis.
e) The following shall be prohibited within or on the facility premises: 1) all illegal drugs or other substances, 2)
weapons of all kinds except for Law Enforcement Officers in the execution of their duties or during Town of
Clayton approved public demonstrations, 3) use of profanity, profane gestures and any unruly behavior
detrimental to the normal operation of the facility or the safety of the public and employees, 4) and/or any
other action deemed necessary by the Town of Clayton, or its designee, to protect the health and welfare of
the public, employees or the facility.
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