Discharge/Refinance Authority
Purpose of this form is to arrange for the release of security and to provide instructions for disbursement of money.
Ensure that all Borrowers/Guarantors have signed the Declaration in Section 6 on page 2.
If you need to add/replace security on your existing loans contact the Bank or your Broker for assistance.
Section 1 – Your current details
Loan account number
Borrower name(s) (as per loan account)
Daytime phone number
Email address
Name of Borrower to be contacted
Do you currently have one of the following loan types? (Please tick () one box only)
Fixed Rate (including Interest In Advance)
1 Year Guaranteed Rate
None of the above (proceed to Section 2)
Note: An Early Repayment Adjustment may need to be paid.
Please ask us for a quote before deciding to release your security.
Title reference number (if known)
Address of property to be released
State Postcode
Section 2 – Details of property
*Partial Discharge
• Partial Discharge is where you have multiple loans and/or multiple properties and when releasing property you
are not repaying all loans.
• The Bank may be required to complete valuations on your remaining security properties. This can only be
determined once your application has been assessed. We will contact you to obtain property access details.
• Attach a copy of the contract of sale showing sale price including deposit and any relevant conditions.
Discharge is required for the following reason:
Property Sold Full Discharge Partial Discharge*
Sale Price
Settlement LocationAnticipated Settlement Date
Loan refinanced to Other Financial Institution
Security to be released, no settlement required
Please send documents for collection to
Other instructions/additional information
Fax numberContact phone numberAppointed contact name
Please hand all deeds and documents connected with this property to:
Solicitor Firm/Financial Institution
or their nominee.
Section 3 – Instructions on the discharge of mortgage
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( )
( )
Section 4 – Instructions for distribution of funds
Loan account number To be paid in full Amount to be credited New limit amount
(where limit is
being reduced) Yes No if ‘no
$ $
Loan account number To be paid in full Amount to be credited New limit amount
(where limit is
being reduced) Yes No if ‘no
$ $
Loan account number To be paid in full Amount to be credited New limit amount
(where limit is
being reduced)
Yes No if ‘no
$ $
Staff/Agent number Contact numberPrepared by (full name)
Staff/Broker details (Fax completed request to Mortgage Services immediately)
• Once you have moved (or changed your postal address), you can update your details on NetBank, by calling
132221 or visiting a branch.
• If you have insurance with CommInsure, and would like to make changes to the arrangements, contact
CommInsure on 132423.
• For further information relating to discharges, please visit commbank.com.au and search “Paying out your loan”.
• For more than four signatures, or if you need to provide us more information, photocopy the appropriate page
before completing details and attach to this request.
Section 6 – Borrowers Acknowledgement and Authority
Full name
Signature of Borrower/Guarantor Date
Full name
Signature of Borrower/Guarantor Date
Full name
Signature of Borrower/Guarantor Date
Full name
Signature of Borrower/Guarantor Date
• Declare the information given in this form is true and correct;
• Authorise Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123
124 (‘CBA’) to discharge the mortgage over my/our property
detailed in this authority;
• Authorise CBA to hand all deeds and documents
connected with this authority to the Legal Representative
or Financial Institution (or their representative) and provide
any information or documentation they require about this
account and security(ies) in order to effect settlement;
• Authorise CBA to act on instructions from my/our nominee;
• Authorise CBA to vary my/our Credit Contract in accordance
with this Discharge/Refinance Authority;
• Acknowledge that, if CBA agrees to vary the Credit Contract
as set out in this authority, my/our Credit Contract will be
varied on the date of release or substitution of the Security;
• In exchange for the release of security referred to in Section
2, the Bank is to receive sufficient monies to clear/reduce
all debts.
Section 5 – Instructions for Line(s) of Credit
Only complete if the loan being discharged is a Viridian Line of Credit or Line of Credit and is in the name of one or more
individuals (not a company, trust, business or another non-personal entity).
Account is to be closed; or
Account is to remain open and be converted to Streamline Account; and
I/We have received the Transaction, Savings, and Investment Account Terms and Conditions and that my/our first
deposit to my Streamline Account indicates my/our acceptance of those Terms and Conditions.
Please tick () appropriate box(es)
Note: If your account is to be closed please ensure all Direct Debits/Salary credits are changed.
Where there is money in excess of that required to repay/reduce my/our loans, including balance of any MISA, please deposit to
the following CBA account:
Account name
Account number
Where amount to be collected is being distributed to more than one account, provide details of distribution:
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