Department ___________________________
Custodian ____________________________ Float Amount ________________________
As Custodian, I understand that I am responsible for the security and maintenance of this
cash float according to the following procedures:
1. The cash float will be locked in a secure place at all times.
2. The float shall be used only to make change for cash sales/receipts that occur in this
3. The balance of the float shall be maintained at all times. At the end of each day, the cash
sales/receipts will be counted and submitted to Financial Services (or where applicable,
directly to the Bank) for deposit.
4. The Custodian may not delegate responsibility of the float.
5. If the cash float is no longer required it will be returned to Financial Services promptly.
I agree to accept responsibility for the cash float according to the above conditions.
Custodian _________________________
Date _____________________________
To be Completed when Cash Float is returned:
Amount Returned : _________________________ Date ______________________
Received By: _________________________________
Revised September 20, 2001