This form is for students who have paid their $400.00 security deposit and have NOT moved into residence. Residence
cancellations will not be granted until this completed form has been received. Residence Services will contact the student to
follow up with this request. Students are advised to read and review the cancellation policy which can be found at:
If you are accepted to Mount Royal University (in any program including Open Studies), the following cancellation fees will be
applied to your student account:
Contract Terms
Dates by which the completed cancellation form must be received for the corresponding
cancellation fees:
No Cancellation Fee
$200 Cancellation Fee
$400 Cancellation Fee
Fall Semester
Before July 1
July 1 Aug. 1
After Aug. 1
Winter Semester
(new residents only)
Before Nov. 1
Nov. 1 Dec. 1
After Dec. 1
Spring or Spring/Summer
Before March 15
March 15 April 1
After April 1
*Please note, if you apply after the above cancellation deadlines, all cancellation fees are in effect after you pay your $400 security
All students who cancel their contract after the official move in date will be charged the cancellation fee as per the chart above as well as a
nightly rate (based on room type) equivalent to the number of nights from the official move in date to the date a completed cancellation form is
received by the Residence Services office.
If you applied after the official move in date, the nightly fee will be applied from your scheduled move in date to the date a completed cancellation
form is received by the Residence Services office.
Step 1: Personal Information
Last Name
Daytime Phone Number
Step 2: Reason for Cancellation
**If you are cancelling due to not being admitted to Mount Royal University you must submit a copy of your admissions decision with this form.
By signing this form you are indicating that you wish to cancel your residence application. By signing this form you are also
indicating that you have read and understand the Cancellation Policy.
Signature: Date:
Once completed, printed and signed, this form may be submitted to Residence Services as follows:
1. Scanned and emailed to as a PDF document
2. Brought to the Residence Office located in Building ‘B’ of West Residence during business hours of:
Monday to Friday 8:30am 8:00pm
3. Faxed to 403.440.6281
Office Use Only:
Cancellation Form Received (date) Received By
Student Contacted (date)
Calculated Refund (date)