Butte College
Application for Classified Emeritus Consideration
Please submit completed application to the current Classified Senate President
Name (please print)
Date of Retirement: F Deceased
(please include exact dates and/or school year where possible) (use additional paper where necessary)
Please attach the nominee’s personal resumé, vita, or personal history.
Please attach all letters of support/endorsement.
1. Provide a brief letter of support and/or endorsement on the nominee’s behalf from (at least) two
individuals (faculty, staff, or administrator) who will. One individual must be from within the
nominee’s departmental area.
2. Total Years of Employment (minimum 10 years)
(Years as part-time (195) Temp
(50% credit given)
Years as permanent employee = (Total years credit)
3. College Committee Membership
List committees nominee has been a part of including, but not limited to: senate, leadership,
hiring, etc. (sample list attached.) (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)
4. List activities in which nominee has represented or served the College on a volunteer basis
(during or after work). (Sample list attached)
Emeritus Application: 2020
Emeritus Application: 2020
5. List achievements and awards nominee has received either from the College or associated with
the College. (Sample list attached.)
6. Job Excellence: Provide statements or examples of job excellence in his/her position. One
statement must be from the department. (May be attached. May also be included in letters
of recommendation).
Signature: ______________________________ Date: _____________________
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Samples of committees and/or activities (not a comprehensive list):
Classified Senate (full terms)
Classified Senate or union officer (one-year terms)
4CS (statewide classified senate)
Budget Development Committee
Faculty, Staff, and/or Management Hiring Committees
Accreditation Team
Foundation Grant Committee
Staff Development:
Steering, Flex, Travel & Conference, Projects, All Campus Workshop, Classified Day,
Wellness Committees
CSEA Committees - Bargaining Team, Classification Study Team, Fundraising Committees
Enrollment Management Committee
Financial Aid Appeals Committee
Graduation Committee
Judicial Committee
Scholarship Committee
Student Equity Committee
Faculty & Staff Diversity Committee
Land Use/Environment Committee
Plant Operations Committee
Public Events Committee
Safety Committee
Distance Learning Committee
Facilitator, speaker, presenter
Student mentor
Community College Bond Committee
Leadership Butte
Leader Development Institute
Think Pink Day
Contributions to students, securing funds or grant writing, participation in Department projects,
Classified Projects, Adopt a Tree, Amphitheater Sponsor, Campus Cleanup weekends, Career
Day booth, Scholarship support, club advisor, student mentor, Americorps literacy program, etc.
Recognition Awards:
What Would We Do Without You Award
Long Term Merit Award
Employee of the Quarter and/or Year
Excellence of Service Award
Department or Division Awards
A.S. Award
EOPS Awards
Emeritus Application: 2020