Business Plan Template
Name of company:
Name of persons completing this business plan:
Description of Business
What type of business is it: Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Service, etc. What is your business legal structure:
Sole proprietorship, Corporation or Partnership? Describe your products or services with a particular focus on what
value it brings to your customer.
Capital Requirements and Source
How much capital does the business require over the next 12 months and what is the source of the capital?
tem A
Competitive Advantage
A competitive advantage exists when a company is able to deliver the same benefits as a competitor, but at
a lower cost (cost advantage) or delivers benefits that exceed those of competing products/services
(differentiation advantage). This competitive advantage enables the company to create superior value
for it customers and higher profits for the company. Describe your competitive advantage.
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Item C
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Target Customer
Trying to be all things to all customers is the “kiss of death” in business. If you are selling to consumers what is their
age, gender, race, education attainment, income, marital status, family cycle, religion, occupation, industry of
employment or home value? If you are selling business to business what is their industry, size of company, annual
sales, purchasing patterns, decision maker, etc. Describe who your target customer is, where they can be found and
how many are there.
Pricing Strategy
Describe your pricing strategy: below market, at market or above market. Describe why you selected that pricing
strategy and how it can be maintained profitably.
List top three competitors, their competitive advantage, pricing strategy, strengths and weaknesses.
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Item E
Item F
Marketing and Sales Strategy
Describe how the company will attract and reach its best profitable customers. Describe how the company will convert
potential prospects into customers. Describe how the company will create repeat customers.
Describe the people directly involved in the business and what they bring to the table to make this business
a success. All people or teams have weaknesses. What are the weaknesses and how does the company plan
to minimize those weaknesses.
12-Month Cash Flow Projections
Break-Even Analysis
Item G
Item H
Item I