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Business License Application
Thank you for choosing to do business in the City of Republic. Below is a checklist of steps to
help expedite your application.
***PLEASE NOTE*** According to City Ordinance, it is unlawful to operate a business before
receiving your Business License. Please allow two weeks for processing. A business license
number will be assigned when the application is turned in; however, the number is only a
tracking device and not valid until you have received your certificate.
Please fill out the attached Business License Application and return to the
Community Development Department with payment.
If you will be operating the business out of your home, please fill out the Home Based
Business Questionnaire.
If you will be operating any type of construction business, you must provide a copy
of your Worker’s Comp Liability Certificate or fill out the Mo Exemption Form. The
Exemption Form must also be notarized.
If you collect any sales tax, you must provide your Missouri Tax Identification
Number and submit a “No Tax Due” statement issued within 90 days of the
Application Date.
If you provide any food services, you should contact the Greene County Health
Department at (417) 864-1017 as soon as possible. A copy of the building plans should
also be submitted. A permit may be required.
If you will be doing any remodeling to your business location, you must first apply
for a building permit with the Community Development Department.
If you will have a sign for your business, please contact the Community Development
Department for a sign permit.
If you have a physical location inside the Republic city limits and are applying for a
new commercial business, you must apply for a commercial change of occupancy
permit with the Community Development Department.
If you have any questions regarding any of the listed procedures,
please contact the Community Development Department.
Republic Business License Fees
(Please contact the Community Development Department for details)
Regular Business License
(expires December 31
Pro-rated after September 30
(expires December 31
Banks and Manufacturing
(expires December 31
Home-based Business other restrictions apply
(Located inside Republic City Limits)
(expires December 31
Apartment Houses, Hotels and Motels
($50 for first unit, $1 for each addition unit)
(expires December 31
$50.00 +
Temporary Seasonal License
(for period not to exceed 90 days)
Cannot be renewed.
Solicitors License other restrictions apply
Calendar Year (expires December 31
or Temporary for 90 days
Relocation (Change of Address Form)
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(This questionnaire should be attached to the Business License Application)
Instructions: This form must be completed in its entirety. Please read all information contained herein
carefully. Any sections of this application form left incomplete or with inadequate responses may result in
rejection of the application. Be as clear and as detailed as possible.
Under limited circumstances, home occupations are allowed in zoning districts that otherwise
would not permit business operations (see Section 405.630 of Municipal Code of Ordinances). The
definition of a home occupation is as follows:
HOME OCCUPATION: Any occupation or activity which is clearly incidental and
secondary to the use of the premises for dwelling purposes and which is carried on
wholly within a main building or accessory building by a member(s) of a family residing
on the premises.
Applicant’s Name:
Name of Business:
Describe the Type of Business in Detail:
Physical Address:
Approval of a home occupation license depends, in part, on the responses to the following
questions. By indicated either “YES” or “NO” to the following questions, you are
indicating that the home occupation will represent that answer for the duration of the
a. Will the home occupation be operated ONLY by family members residing on the
b. Will there be any changes made to the outward appearance of the dwelling or
property, either in part or whole, made as a result of the home occupation?
c. Will the home occupation generate traffic, parking, sewerage or water use in excess
of what is normal for surrounding residential uses?
Yes No
d. Will the home occupation create any hazard to persons or property, result in
electrical interference, or become a nuisance?
e. Will the home occupation result in outside storage or display of anything
(including materials, equipment, vehicles, etc.) associated
with the home
occupation? Yes No
If yes, please describe:
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The following list contains all of the categories of business that qualify for home
occupation licenses. You MUST select one of options listed below. If your proposed
home occupation does not match one of the categories listed below, then select “Other”
and provide a detailed description of the nature of work and operations that will occur in
relation to the occupation. (Please circle one)
a. Barber shops and beauty parlors – with only one chair.
b. Dressmaking, sewing and tailoring.
c. Direct sale product distribution (e.g. Amway, Avon, Tupperware, etc.), provided
parties for the purpose of selling merchandise or taking of orders shall not be held
more than once a month, shall be limited to ten (10) customers and shall be held
between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
d. Family day care home, meaning a day care for 6 or fewer children and no more
than three children under the age of two at any given time.
e. Home crafts, such as model making, rug weaving, lapidary work and cabinet
f. Home offices for architects, engineers, lawyers, realtors, insurance agents, brokers,
ministers, rabbis, priests, salesman, sales representatives, manufactures
representatives, home builders, home repair contractors and similar occupations.
This category includes operations such as telephone answering and bookkeeping
but does not include using the home as a base of operations where
employees not residing in the home report to the premises.
g. Music and art teachers or other tutoring services limited to four students at a time.
h. Office uses, such as computer programming, data processing, telemarketing,
desktop publishing.
i. Painting, sculpturing or writing.
j. Telephone answering.
k. Other (describe in detail):
If the proposed occupation will have any patrons, customers or clients arriving at the
residence for any purpose related to the business, please estimate the maximum number
of such patrons that may arrive throughout any given day:
Also, estimate the maximum number of patrons arriving at any given time during the day:
By signing, I hereby certify and acknowledge the information provided on this
questionnaire is true and correct. I have read and understand the procedures and
requirements associated with this application and the review process.
204 North Main
Republic, Missouri 65738-1472
Phone: (417) 732-3150 Fax: (417) 732-3199
Republic Business License Application
Please answer all questions completely.
Incomplete and unsigned applications will delay processing.
All business licenses expire on December 31
and must be renewed prior to that date.
Date: ____________________________
Reason for Applying
New Business License Reinstating Old Business
Purchase of Existing Business Other:
Business Name and Physical Location
1. Business Name (DBA Name)
2. Physical Location Street (Do not use PO Box or Rural Route Number)
Zip Code
3. Business Telephone Number
If applicable, list the name of your business Facebook page _________________________________________________
4. Describe the business activity, stating the major products sold and service provided.
Retail ____________________________ Service ____________________________
Wholesale ________________________ Manufacturer ______________________
Other ____________________________
Contractor _________________________
Business Activity
5. Do you offer retail sales of the following items? Select all that apply.
Alcoholic Beverages Alternative Nicotine Cigarettes or Other Tobacco
Precious Stones Gold/Silver E-Cigarettes or Vapor Products
Business License Application
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Ownership Type
6. Ownership Type:
Sole Proprietor Partnership Government Trust
All ownership types listed below, unless specifically exempted, are required to be
registered with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.
A copy of your registration is
to be included with this application. For more information regarding registering your
business, visit the Secretary of State’s website at
Limited Partnership Limited Liability Partnership Limited Liability Company
Missouri Corporation Non-Missouri Corporation
Owner Information
7. Owner Name (Enter Corporation, LLC or Partnership Name, if applicable).
E-mail Address
Zip Code
If an individual is listed as the owner, you must also provide the following:
Date of birth (MM/DD/YY)
Telephone Number
Mailing Address (Forms, Licenses and Notices will be mailed to this address)
8. Address (street, rural route or PO Box)
Zip Code
Officer, Partner or Member
9. Provide the officer, partner or member of your business who will be responsible for
the purchase of the Business License.
Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
Home Address
Zip Code
Date of Birth
Business License Application
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Retail Sales (Sales Tax Requirement)
10. If you are required to collect and/or pay sales tax within the City of Republic, you
are required to have a Sales Tax ID Number issued by the State of Missouri. Is your
business required to collect sales tax within the City of Republic? If yes, please attach a
copy of your Missouri No Tax Due Statement (issued from the Missouri Department of
Revenue). For more information, visit
No My business sales tax ID# is:________________________________
Contractors and Subcontractors
11. Per RSMo. 287.061 - If you are a Contractor or Subcontractor, you are required to
provide a copy of your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate. If you are exempt
by the Missouri State guidelines, you will be required to fill out the Missouri Exemption
Form WC-134 (Please ask our office for a copy).
If you are a Subcontractor, please list the Contractor you will be working for:
Home Based Businesses (Located inside the city limits of Republic)
12. If your business is operated in your home and is located inside the city limits of
Republic, please fill out the “Home Based Business Questionnaire
” (Please ask our
office for a copy).
Zoning Requirements
13. If you have a physical location inside the city limits and are applying for a
commercial business license, please contact the Community Development Department
at 417-732-3150 for a Change of Occupancy Permit.
14. City Ordinance #05-72 requires your business provide designated handicapped
parking spaces at your place of business and you must show compliance when
applying for a business license (Please attach a picture of your handicapped parking
spaces and sign).
15. Do you plan to make any changes to the building or property associated with the
If you plan to make changes, you will need to contact the Community Development
Department prior to approval of your business license.
16. If you will be building a fence or adding an accessory building to the premise, please
contact the Community Development Department for the necessary permits.
Business License Application
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Under penalties of perjury, I declare
supplements are true, complete and correct. I understand that filing false information
if the business is a sole proprietorship, or by an individual listed in the Officer, Partners,
or Members section of this application. The signing party is acknowledging they have
direct supervision or control over the business license.
State and/or Federal law provisions regulate the presence of aliens in the United States.
I understand that pursuant to 2008 Missouri House Bill 1549 certain public benefits are
prohibited by law from being provided to aliens unlawfully present in the United States
and that I do not and will not knowingly employ a person who is an unauthorized alien
in connection with the business for which the permit or license has been or is being
obtained and assert
on providing certain public benefits for aliens unlawfully present in the United States as
set forth in H.B. 1549. Should I become aware, after issuance of the permit or license
and during the term of the permit or license that the business is in violation of H.B.
1549, I will immediately notify the City of the violation. I understand failure to do so
may result in denial/revocation/suspension of the permit or license. After notification
of the violation is provided to the City, the business shall immediately advise the City
of steps being taken to correct the violation. F
result in denial/revocation/suspension of the permit or license.
17. Total number of employees you anticipate will be working for your business?
Full Time (Including yourself) _________________________
Part-Time (Including yourself) ________________________
Food and/or Beverages
18. If you will be selling food and/or beverages, an inspection may be required from the
Greene County Health Department prior to approval of your business license. For more
information, contact the Health Department at (417) 864-1017.
Does your business sell food and/or beverages?
Have you contacted the Greene County Health Department?
Business License Application
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and my business license has been received.
Signature of Applicant
Printed Name
E-Mail Address
Mail to: Community Development Department
204 North Main Street
Republic, MO 65738
Phone: (417) 732-3150
Fax: (417) 732-3199
Business License Fee Collected $__________________________ Date Paid: ______________________________
Fee collected by: _______________________________________
Business License
Assigned Number: ______________________
Form revised 04-27-2020
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