ALL fields must be completed before the business card request form can be submitted to Creative and Printing Services.
Incomplete forms will be returned to the client via campus mail.
o I have a current Southwest business card and am requesting it to be reprinted without any changes.
Employee name ___________________________________________________________________________
Department account number __________________________
Contact telephone number ______________________ Contact e-mail address _________________________
Requested quantity of business cards (check one): o 100 o 250 o 500
Complete the ONE section below that meets your business card requirements.
Attach your current Southwest business card to the spot
provided to the left. The sample is REQUIRED in order to
have your business cards reprinted. If you do not have any
business cards remaining, please complete the section below.
attach current
Southwest business card
o I require a new business card or changes to my current business card.
Complete the following information EXACTLY as you wish for it to appear on your printed business card.
Employee name _______________________________________________________________________________________
Title ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Department __________________________________________________________________________________________
Campus, center or site (address given will match that of the indicated campus, center or site; home addresses and alternate
addresses are not permitted; ofce numbers are not permitted)
o Macon Cove Campus o Millington Center o Maxine A. Smith Center
o Union Avenue Campus o Gill Center o Fayette Site
o Whitehaven Center
Telephone ____________________________ Fax OR Southwest-issued cell phone __________________________
(Personal cell phone numbers are NOT permitted.)
Southwest e-mail address _______________________________________________________________________________
(Personal e-mail addresses are NOT permitted.)
By signing this form, the client agrees that the attached document is approved for printing, and assumes all responsibility as to its accuracy.
Client signature and date - document will NOT be duplicated without signature
Southwest Tennessee Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an afrmative action/equal opportunity college. 0110849 NEW 09267
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