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Burlington Pea Patch Application
A Community Garden
Thank you for your interest in the City of Burlington’s community garden!
Please fill out the application form below, sign at the bottom of page-2, and return with payment of $50.00
per Pea Patch garden site to: Burlington Parks and Recreation
900 E. Fairhaven Avenue
Burlington, WA 98233
OR BParks@burlingtonwa.gov
Accepted forms of payment are Cash, Checks (payable to City of Burlington) or Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
You will find guidelines for the Pea Patch program on page-2 of this application. The applicant’s signature on
the application is required for participation consideration and certifies that the applicant understands the
program guidelines and agrees to comply with them.
Application Date:
First and Last Name of Applicant
Primary Phone# Mailing Address
Email City / Zip
Please check all that apply:
Applicant would like to reserve:
I would like to reserve one 320’sqft garden site ($50)
I would like to reserve two 320’sqft garden sites ($100)
I am a new applicant
I am a returning applicant
I would like to request garden site #
I would like a garden site next to my friend:
Each Pea Patch garden is approximately 320 sqft = 16’ x 20’.
Pea Patch gardens are located near the South Entrance to
Skagit River Park at 1510 E. Whitmarsh Road in Burlington.
Be sure to sign your application on page-2 before submitting.
For City Use:
Assigned Pea Patch# for Apr-Oct 20
Payment Date: Receipt#
Burlington Parks and Recreation 900 E. Fairhaven Avenue Burlington WA 98233 Page 2 of 2
P: (360) 755-9649 F: (360) 755-1017 E: BParks@burlingtonwa.gov rev. 2020-0101
1. Each Pea Patch garden site is approximately 320 square feet, 16’ x20’.
There is an initial limit of two garden sites
per individual or family/group. If additional garden sites beyond the initial limit of 2 are desired, any that have
not been reserved before March 15 will be made available to all on a first-come, first served basis.
2. Returning gardeners who wish to retain their garden sites (a maximum of 2) for the following season must submit
an application by the first business day in January each year. Garden sites will otherwise be assigned on a first-
come, first-serve basis.
3. The Pea Patch Community Garden is open annually beginning the second Saturday in April through the last
Sunday in October.
4. The Pea Patch Program is for recreational gardening. Produce and/or flowers are not to be sold.
5. The City will initially rototill the Pea Patch garden sites before opening day in April.
6. Water and a hose are available to gardeners near the garden sites; electricity is not available.
7. Gardeners must supply their own tools and supplies needed for garden tending.
8. Gardeners may use the nearby designated compost area for vegetation debris.
9. Gardeners are responsible for all care of their garden site including cultivating, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting and
watering. Gardeners are encouraged to amend the soil of their assigned site as desired.
10. Perennial plants are not recommended since gardeners are required to remove all vegetation at the end of the
season. Aggressive propagators (hops, morning glory, for ex.) can be invasive and are not permitted.
11. Gardeners should follow organic gardening practices. The use of chemical herbicides and pesticides is
strictly prohibited.
12. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the garden sites.
13. Please note gardeners must completely clear their garden site of all vegetation, wire, plastic, stakes, etc. by
the last Sunday of October to allow for autumn maintenance. Vegetation can be placed in the designated
compost area. Other items must be removed from site by gardeners.
14. Gardeners have one month after the opening date to begin work on their sites. Gardeners who are unable to do so
should contact Parks & Recreation business office. Unworked sites are subject to reassignment by the City. The Pea
Patch fee remains non-refundable. Garden sites that appear to be abandoned are also subject to reassignment.
15. The City of Burlington cannot guarantee against vandalism or theft. Gardeners who observe vandalism or theft
should call 911 immediately. Please notify the Parks & Recreation business office by the next business day.
16. A gardener’s privileges at the community garden may be revoked when the gardener fails to comply with these
program guidelines.
17. Gardeners are encouraged to communicate with Parks & Recreation staff throughout the year as questions or
concerns arise! (360) 755-9649 or BParks@burlingtonwa.gov
Hold Harmless Agreement:
For the opportunity to participate in the Pea Patch program offered by the City of
Burlington, I, as evidenced by my signature below, do hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City of
Burlington, its Elected Officials, Appointed Officers, Employees and Agents from all liability resulting from my
participation in the City’s Pea Patch program except only such liability as shall have been occasioned by the sole
negligence of the City of Burlington. I certify that the information in this application is correct and complete. I understand
that falsifying information is just cause for removal from the program. I agree to exercise the utmost care in my use of
City facilities and agree to reimburse the City for any costs incurred by the City in repairing damage I have caused to its
With my signature below, I certify that I understand and I will honor the Hold Harmless Agreement as stated, and I will
abide by the Pea Patch Program guidelines outlined above and comply with all provisions of laws and ordinances
governing the City of Burlington.
Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ______________________
_____I understand that checking this box constitutes a legal digital signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the
terms outlined above.
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