This form is to be filled in by the person who intends to carry out building work or the agent. If the form is unfamiliar please
consult the office indicated above. Please type or use block capitals.
Submission Details
Do you wish to submit a ‘Full Plans’ ‘Building Notice’ ‘Regularisation’
Please tick as appropriate
Applicants Details Please give Full name, postal address and daytime telephone/fax number
Postcode: Tel: Fax: Email:
Agents Details (if applicable)
Postcode: Tel: Fax: Email:
Address where building work is to be carried out
Description of the Work:
No of storeys:
Use of Building
. State present use: 2. State proposed use:
State whether the building is to be put to a “designated use” under the Fire Precautions Act 1971: YES/NO
State whether the building is subject to the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997: YES/NO
If ‘YES’ two additional copies of the floor plans will be required
Conditions (Full Plans submissions only)
Do you consent to the plans being passed subject to conditions where appropriate? YES/NO
Extension of Time (Full Plans submission only)
Do you consent to an extension of time? YES/NO
Additional Information (Regularisation application only)
Date work carried out:
Present use:
Previous use:
Unit 5, Triangle Business Park, Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4TQ
The Building Act 1984
The Building Regulations 2010
Building Regulations Plan No:
Electrical Installations in dwellings
Please indicate which of the following methods you intend to use in order to demonstrate that all fixed
electrical installation works associated with this application will be designed, installed, inspected and tested
in accordance with BS7671: 2001. (as amended)
a) Competent Person Scheme
No additional fees (see list of approved schemes in attached guidance notes)
b) BS7671 Certificate
A qualified competent electrician will certify that the work has been designed, installed,
inspected and tested in accordance with BS7671 and provide an Electrical Installation
Certificate with associated inspection and testing schedules to BS7671.
c) Building Control Body
This option will attract an additional charge of £150.00 + Vat over and above the normal
application charge identified from the charges scheme
d) Don’t know
(N.B. This option will attract an additional charge equivalent to that charged for option c
Note: Choosing option a or b at this stage and then reverting to option c on site will
Incur a greater charge equal to option c above, but additionally, may also involve the
opening up of completed works, for inspection of fixed electrical wiring / installations.
Charges Please make cheques payable to Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
This notice is given in relation to building work as described, in accordance with Building Regulation
12 (2) (a) or (b) 21 (3) (a) and is accompanied by the appropriate payment. I / We also understand
that in relation to a full plans application further charges may be payable following the Local
Authority’s first inspection.
Name: Signature: Date:
Table A. Dwellings not more than 3 storeys & not more than 300m2 in floor area
Number of dwelling For other dwellings use table 3
Table B. Certain domestic extensions, Loft conversions, Garages / carport & work
Floor area (m
) extensions with floor area over 60m2 use table 3
Table C. Other works based on the full estimated cost
Important Please provide and estimate to avoid
Estimated cost £ a possible delay with your submission
Total charges payable
Fees for electrical works. Use Table 2
[From Section 9 above]
Guidance Notes
Submission details
Unauthorised works applications should use the ‘Regularisation’ option, other proposals can choose either the ‘
Full plans’ or ‘Building Notice’ options, however, the Building Notice choice cannot be utilised where:-
The building is a ‘designated use’ under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 which
Includes offices, shops, factories and hotels and/or is a workplace subject to the Fire
Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997.
The following details should be submitted with one completed copy of the application form and the
appropriate fee.
1. Full Plans Applications:- Full constructional specification and details plus duplicate copies
of plans. Two additional copies of layout plans will be required
for work in relation to designated use buildings.
2. Building Notice Applications:- In the case of a Building Notice, a site plan and other particulars
in accordance with Regulation 13. Additional information may be
3. Regularisation application:- In accordance with Building Regulations 21 (3), the Council may
require the applicant to take reasonable steps, including laying
open the unauthorised works for inspection, making tests and
taking samples as the authority think appropriate to ascertain what
work, if any, is required to secure compliance with the relevant
4. The Party Wall Act 1996:- Some works in relation to party walls could invoke proceedings
under the Party Wall Act 1996, you should understand these
requirements prior to undertaking such proposals.
5. Completion Certificates:- Completion Certificates will only be issued when an appropriate
electrical safety certificate has been received and the relevant
Building Regulations charge has been paid in full.
6. Drainage Connection:- Subject to certain provisions of the Water Industries Act 1991,
owners and occupiers of premises are entitled to have their
private foul and surface water drains and sewers connected
to the public sewers, where available. Special arrangements
apply to trade effluent discharge. Persons wishing to make
such connections must give not less than 21 days notice to
the Authority.
7. Regulations These notes are for general guidance only; Full particulars
regarding the deposit of the applications are contained in Regulation
13, 14 & 21of the Building Regulations 2000 and, correspondingly in
relation to Building Regulations fees the building (Local Authority
Charges) Regulations 1998.
For further information or advice on Building Regulation matters please contact:
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council - Building Control
Unit 5, Triangle Business Park, Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4TQ
Telephone: 01685 726263 / 726257
AND ANY NECESSARY PLANNING PERMISSIONS OBTAINED (If you haven’t already done so you are advised to contact
Development Control Tel: (01685) 726213, BEFORE ANY WORK ON SITE IS COMMENCED.
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