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110 Merrion Centre
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I / We the undersigned give notice that I / We intend to demolish the building or part thereof situated at
These premises are owned by
Tel. No:
The work will be carried out by:
Tel. No:
However, I / We understand that it is an offence to commence such demolition before either:
(a) the City Council has served a Counter Notice in respect of any conditions, as are relevant and are
contained within Section 82 of the Building Act 1984, appertaining to the manner of demolition, or;
(b) the expiry of six weeks from the date on which I/We notify the City Council of my/our intention to
demolish whichever period is less.
Application No
Building Act - Section 80
Demolition of Buildings
Merrion House
I / We intend to commence such demolition on (ddmmyy)
days of such commencement.
and that the demolition will be completed within
for the purpose of
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Planning permission is required before any demolition work takes place
Advice on these matters is available from our Enquiry Centre on (0113) 2224409
We will be unable to process your Notice if you fail to submit these items
Privacy Notice
The information you provide on this form will only be used by the Council in the consideration of your Demolition
Application. The Council is the Data Controller of the information you provide, and we will only process your
contact details and payment information on a contractual basis for the purpose of undertaking this work. In
addition, the Council has a public task duty under the Building Act 1984 to maintain a register of all of works
related to its Building Control functions. This register will include any relevant documents submitted to us
(including those which may contain personal data). Non-personal information regarding your application will be
made available on the Council's public access website The Council may also use the information you provide, in
our legitimate interests, to contact you with regard to completing an anonymous customer satisfaction survey
concerning the service you have received.
The Council's corporate privacy notice, which includes details of the authority's Data Protection Officer and your
Information Rights is available at:
Please submit the following with this Notice:
A Block Plan indicating the Building (or Part) to be Demolished
To pay by credit or debit card, please telephone (0113) 3786006 and choose Option 1
If you wish to pay by cheque the charge is £200 (VAT not applicable). Please make your cheque
payable to Leeds City Council
Gas Supplier (name and address)
Electricity Supplier (name and address
I/We confirm that a copy of this Notice of Intent has been sent to the owner/occupier of adjacent buildings,
Gas Supplier and Electricity Supplier