REG 12
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The Merchant Shipping Registration Act 1991
Builder’s Certificate
Yard/IMO Number
Name of Vessel Date of Build
Details of Vessel
Length metres Method of propulsion (sail, motor or both)
Breadth metres Make of engine (KW to be stated)
Depth metres Estimated tonnage of vessel
Builder’s Name
Builder’s Address Place of Build (if different
from builder’s address)
*I/We hereby certify that *I/We *built/moulded/fitted out the vessel described above to the order of:
Full Name(s)
Full Address(es)
NOTE: If two or more persons are to own the vessel jointly, please give all their details in full and add the words
“as Joint Owners”
Date Signature of Builder
In the case of a body corporate, this certificate must be sealed and witnessed.
Date Signature of Builder