Buccaneer Excellence Program
Dawson Community College (DCC) is excited to offer various scholarships through “The Buccaneer
Excellence Program” for students who will attend DCC. Dawson Community College will award academic
scholarships to full-time Montana residents who have submitted an application and are not participating
in collegiate athletics. Recipients must have graduated high school within two years before the
anticipated semester start date, with the exception of the post traditional scholarship.
Excellence Scholarship $250-$1,500
For Montana high school senior students in recognition of their academic excellence.
$250 for GPA 2.5-2.9
$500 for GPA 3.0-3.49
$1,000 for GPA 3.5-3.75
$1,500 for GPA 3.76-4.0
Presidential Scholarship Up to $2,000
For Montana high school senior students in recognition of their participation in school clubs and
activities in conjunction with their GPA, High School Salutatorian, or Valedictorian. Must also submit:
One letter of recommendation from a non-relative evaluating the student’s character and
probability of thriving at DCC, both academically and socially, regarding club involvement.
One essay, maximum 500 words, describing how the student’s college journey will empower
him/her to make a positive impact on society and what he/she hopes that impact will be.
Non-Traditional Scholarship $500
For Montana residents looking to continue their education taking six or more credits who fit one of the
following criteria:
Education was not continued immediately after graduating from high school
Work full-time
Have children
Over the age of 24
Online Student Scholarship $250-$500
For Montana residents who will be attending online full-time.
Fresh Start Scholarship Up to $1,000
For students who earned at least a 2.00 GPA in high school or at a previous college or took a break from
their education and want to succeed at DCC are eligible for this scholarship. Up to $1,000 will be
awarded for the Fresh Start Scholarship to help students start a new chapter at DCC.
To keep the scholarship, students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and be enrolled and active in at least
one student club or organization.
Dual Enrollment Scholarship Up to $500
For Montana high school seniors who took dual enrollment classes through DCC during their high school
Student Ambassador Scholarship $500
Student Ambassadors have the chance to gain valuable work experience within the Enrollment
Management team giving tours to prospective students and helping with events on campus.
Refer-a-Buc $250 up to tuition cost
Current DCC students and student-applicants can earn $250 towards their tuition cost up to the full
tuition cost for each student they refer to DCC, and the referred student can also earn $250 towards
their tuition cost.
Amounts awarded are at the discretion of the Buccaneer Excellence Program scholarship review
committee. Limited funds available.
Buccaneer Excellence Program Application
Full Name: _______________________________________________ Birth Date: _______________
High School Name: ________________________________________ High School GPA: ___________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: __________________
Phone Number: ____________________________ Email: ______________________________________
Please list all club(s) participated in, title(s), and years involved: _________________________________
Anticipated Semester Start: _________________ I am a: Current Student Student-Applicant
Were you a dual enrollment student through DCC in high school? Yes No
I am applying for the: Excellence Scholarship Presidential Scholarship Online Scholarship
Post-Traditional Scholarship Fresh Start Scholarship Dual Enrollment Scholarship
Student Ambassador Scholarship Refer-a-Buc Scholarship
Students will only be eligible to receive one scholarship per academic year but may choose to apply for multiple. The best fit will be decided by
the scholarship committee.
Additional Refer-a-Buc Information
I am referring:
Full Name: _________________________________________________ Birth Date: _________________
Address: _______________________________ City: ________________ State: ______ Zip: __________
Degree: _______________________________________ Anticipated Semester Start: ________________
Montana resident
Full-time student at DCC (15 credits for traditional students, 6 credits for non-traditional students)
Complete FAFSA application (DCC FAFSA code is 002529)
Academic students not participating in collegiate athletics
Presidential scholarship applicants will need to attach the letter of recommendation and essay to
their submission.
Applications and a copy of high school transcripts can be sent either by mail Dawson Community College
Admissions 300 College Drive Glendive, Montana 59330 or email info@dawson.edu
Received By: _____________________ Date: _____ Approved By: ___________________ Date: _____