Brunswick County Policy on
Temporary Electrical Power
In order to be code compliant with the temporary installation requirements in the National Electrical Code
(NEC) Article 590, also North Carolina Electrical Code (NCEC) 10.8, as well as to establish continuity and
promote a safe work environment for all construction personnel in Brunswick County the following
policy is being implemented. We are creating a blanket option if you wish to obtain temporary electrical
power to facilitate your construction project.
All installations will strictly adhere to the requirements set forth in NEC 590, NCEC 10.8 inclusive of
requirements of other state agencies, occupational licensing boards, or commissions.
In no case shall any portion of the permanent wiring be energized until the portions have been approved
by an Electrical Code Enforcement Official.
Copies of the NCEC may be obtained from the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Please familiarize
yourself with it.
We are requiring all main distribution panels as well as sub-panels (if containing energized circuits allowed
for temporary/electrical power to be completed with only the circuits to be energized to be terminated to
the over current device. The remaining branch circuits are to be terminated in a wire/wing nut. We will
strictly enforce NCEC 10.8.3 “Uses Prohibited”.
***This page is for informational purposes only and is not required to
be submitted with the following application***
Brunswick County Inspections Department
75 Courthouse Drive, Bolivia, NC 28422
This application is for the temporary use of service utilities for the purpose of the completion of construction and testing
pursuant to NC General statute 143-143.2, 153A-363; NCEC 10.8 and NC Administrative Code and Policies section 204.8,
Project #:
License #:
_ Contractor:
Site Address:
Applicant Name: _ _
Email: Phone:
Please list the specific portions and areas to be connected. Failure to list all specific areas requested or an inspection failure
to part of an area or system will result in the applicant having to submit another application along with an additional
inspection request. Inspectors cannot approve more than what is being requested and service, systems, appliances or
fixtures must all meet the NC technical codes.
Describe electrical systems, mechanical systems or plumbing system for which application is made to facilitate construction
Option #1:
1) HVAC equipment along with associated circuits, (example; condensate pumps, dehumidifiers and the like to
condition the home).
2) Garage and Laundry GFCI protected receptacle outlets for construction personnel.
Option #2:
1) Circuits required for “testing” the grinder pumps as required by the utilities department.
2) GFCI protected 240-volt receptacle outlets to power hardwood floor sanders. All other systems will be inspected
at electrical final.
3) An additional circuit for irrigation.
*List any additional items not listed in Option #1 or #2 in this box:
(The requested systems listed above does not constitute approval of all systems and services. Inspection results will indicate if approval is requested above or modified with lesser
approval than requested. An inspector cannot approve more systems or services than requested. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR RESULTS AND SITE INFORMATION FOR ANY
LIMITATIONS GIVEN. For additional systems or services another application must be submitted. See a list of additional applications/forms at the following link
, hereby request temporary permit of service for 90 days from time of inspection approval with
automatic 90-day renewals/fees until Certification of Occupancy is issued or written notification from owners representative
is received to disconnect utility.
Please print name in the following statements in the space provided. Doing so will indicate that you have read and agreed to
the terms and conditions.
_, understand and agree to the conditions that the building or area for which temporary utilities is
approved is not to be occupied until the appropriate Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Failure to comply will result in the
disconnection of those utilities and may result in the revocation of permits.
_, understand that occupancy of new building/structures includes owners furnishings such as
desk, furniture, computers, stock, etc. If applicable I have informed the owner as well that failure to comply will result in the
disconnection of those utilities, may result in the revocation of permits and will required the removal of furnishings until
approved for either a TCO or CO as required by law.
_, understand and agree to the conditions that I as the applicant am responsible to maintain
energized electrical systems or that portion of the building containing the energized electrical system in a secure and locked
manner or under constant supervision to exclude unauthorized personnel.
_, understand and agree to the conditions that I as the applicant am responsible for ALERTING
ALL PERSONNEL WORKING in the vicinity of the energized electrical system to its presence. I fully understand that this
means all subcontractors and anyone who might be working in an area that could be harmed by energized systems or
_, if not the owner I state that I have informed the owner of the address indicated and that the
owner is also in agreement with all the terms of this temporary utility application. Owner verification:
I am the owner
I am not the owner but have discussed this application with the owner
_, hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and save harmless Brunswick County, its employees, and
the utility companies from any and all liability arising from utility services being either connected or disconnected from the
above-mentioned premises as requested/allowed by this application.
I acknowledge and agree that I have communicated, secured, and notified all parties as required in the above and
agree to all terms as set forth in this application:
Applicant Printed Name: __ _
Applicant Signature: _