Bring Your Own Device
Participant Form 2021
Minimum iPad Requirements
iPad (7
Gen or Later)
iPad Air (3
Gen or Later)
iPad Pro
Required Accessories:
Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon
Screen Size: 9.5” or Larger Optional Accessory: Keyboard/Keyboard Case
Operating System: iPadOS
Storage Capacity: 64GB Minimum
Insurance and Cellular Information
We highly recommend that all devices are purchased with extended warranty and/or accidental damage protection
to ensure repair coverage in case of hardware failure, damage, loss or theft. Some home & contents insurance
packages may cover personal electronic devices.
iPads are available as either Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi & Cellular models, students with cellular models will not have any
additional advantages over students without, as students will need to be connected to the College network to
access resources & internet. We recommend purchasing a Wi-Fi only model, as this saves on additional costs.
Conditions of Acceptance
I confirm that my student’s device meets the minimum requirements and acknowledge that the college is
unable to connect devices that do not meet minimum requirements.
I have read and understood the College BYOD guidelines (and supporting documents) and agree to
abide by them. I am aware that I must not fall into arrears with the Student Resource Scheme (SRS) or
access to resources will be removed.
I authorise the college IT Support Staff to install software on the device and enrol in the College’s MDM
(Mobile Device Management System).
Program Fees
The College charges a non-refundable $30.00 administration fee to cover the costs associated with administering
the BYOD program (including license fees, etc.)
Payment Method (Please select)
BPOINT – Pay using your Visa or MasterCard online or over the phone (1300 631 073)
Centrepay – Pay via Centrelink Deduction – Our CRN is 555-098-960B – Account Number is Student’s
Direct Debit – Pay via Direct Debit. Please complete and return a Direct Debit Plan Application (eDDR)
Internet Transfer
Account Name: Pimpama State Secondary College
BSB: 064-793
Account Number: 1002 7855
Reference: Student Last Name, First Initial along with the characters BYOD (i.e. Smith J BYOD)
In-Person – Pay in-person at the College’s Finance window during Finance Hours.
Parent / Guardian Acceptance
Signature: Date
This form must be completed for all students who bring their own iPad to school. A new BYOD form must be
completed every year.
Student Details
Year Level
Year 7
Last Name
First Name
NOTE: 64GB Models are not Available for 7th Gen iPad
(NOTE: iPads running iOS are not supported)