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If there is more than 1 additional property, please complete an ‘Additional property details’ form for each property and attach with the application.
Purchase price (individual property) £
Open market value (individual property) £
Property address
Type (e.g. house, terraced house etc)
Number of storeys (ats only) Floor number (ats only) Number of bedrooms
Remaining term of lease (where applicable)
Property’s current use
Is the property let? Yes No
Who will live at the property?
What do you intend to do with the property?
Year built/converted
Is the property ex-Local Authority? Yes No
If yes, is the property subject to pre-emption? Yes No
Is the property in the course of construction? Yes No
Is planning permission required and obtained? Yes No
Is the property in a nished condition (i.e. ready to sell or rent)? Yes No
If no, please complete a “Schedule of works” form, which can be found at www.precisemortgages.co.uk and attach with the application.
Exit strategy
Sale Renance Expected redemption date Day Month Year
Please provide full details If required, continue on ‘Additional information’ overleaf.
Bridging Finance
Additional property details
We can provide literature in large print, Braille and audio tape. Please ask us for this leaet
in an alternative format if you need it.
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