Decision in Principle (DIP)
Intermediary details (customer facing)
Are you? Directly Authorised Appointed Representative Commercial Broker
Name of firm
Email address
FCA registration number (if applicable)
Telephone number (including STD code)
Personal details - applicant/director 1 Personal details - applicant/director 2
To be completed for all enquiries, if there are more than 2 directors, please complete under Additional Information
Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr/Other) Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr/Other)
If specied ‘Other please state If specied ‘Other please state
First name First name
Middle name(s) Middle name(s)
Surname Surname
D.O.B. D.O.B.
Nationality Nationality
Total eligible income £ Total eligible income £
Current residential mortgage debt £ Current residential mortgage debt £
Current estimated value £ Current estimated value £
Residential status Residential status
Current address
(Inc Postcode) Current address (Inc Postcode)
Limited company details (only to be completed for a limited company)
Name of company
Company registration number Number of directors
Business start date (DD/MM/YY) Country of incorporation
Name of network
Loan information
Type of Security First charge Second charge
If a second charge, what is the current rst charge balance £
Loan Requirements
Scheme Standard bridging Light refurbishment Heavy refurbishment
Reason for loan
Repayment type Monthly payments Retained interest
(Regulated Mortgage Contracts must be retained interest)
Loan type Purchase Renance
Is, or will, the property be let? Yes No N/A
Does any applicant or an “immediate family member” live in or intend to live in the property? Yes No N/A
Is the loan wholly or predominantly for the purposes of a business carried on, or intended to be carried on,
by all of the applicants?’
Yes No N/A
Has any applicant or “immediate family member” ever lived in the property or did any applicant inherit it? Yes No N/A
Do any of the applicants currently own buy to lets other than the property or any additional security?
If yes, total number of Buy to Let mortgaged properties owned by the applicants
Yes No N/A
If there is an additional security, do any applicants or an “immediate family member” live in or intend to live in the
additional security?
Yes No N/A
If there is an additional security, has any applicant or an “immediate family member” ever lived in the additional
security or did any applicant inherit it?
Yes No N/A
Is, or will any additional security be let? Yes No N/A
Qualification criteria
Have the applicant(s) had any adverse credit registered in the last 3 years?
Yes No
If yes, please provide additional details
Application type (Regulated Mortgage Contracts available to individuals only) Personal Limited company
Is this application a Regulated
Mortgage Contract?
Level of advice Advised
Regulated Mortgage Contracts must always be advised)
Does your customer wish to add any of the following fees to the loan (they should make a positive choice to do this)?
Telegraphic transfer fee Yes No Facility fee Yes No Assessment fee Yes No
Yes Are you charging the applicant(s) a broker fee?
Is this fee refundable? Yes No
No If yes, how much £
If yes, how much is refundable? £
When is this payable?
When is this refundable?
Exit strategy - please tick all that apply
Sale Renance Maturity of endowment plan
Maturity of pension plan Maturity of savings plan Other
Please provide full details (continue on ’Additional information’ page if required.)
Total purchase price/estimated value £ Total open market value £
If purchase price is less than the open market value, please explain the reason
Total advance required (exclusive of fees/retained interest payments) £
Term in months (12 months max for Regulated Mortgage Contracts)
Will any additional security be available? Yes No If yes, what is the available equity
Type of conveyancing
Joint representation
Where our conveyancer acts for both
us and you (England and Wales only).
Separate representation
Where our conveyancer acts for us only
and you have your own conveyancer.
Security details For more than one property, please add to additional information section
Property address (Inc Postcode)
Type (e.g. house, terraced house etc) Property’s current use
Number of storeys (ats only) Floor number (ats only) Number of bedrooms
Tenure Remaining term of lease (where applicable)
Multi-Unit Yes No Number of Units
Holiday Let Yes No
If the property is a Holiday Let, please provide the URL link to the property advertisement.
If you need to enter any additional information to support this case please enter it here.
Question Details
Additional information
Get in touch with our intermediary support team
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Email: bridging@complete-fs.co.uk
Website: www.complete-fs.co.uk
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