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Braille-N-Teach List Service
Member Registration Form
The purpose of Braille-N-Teach List Service (BNT) is to exchange ideas, share materials, provide
resources, and support one another professionally.
Rules: Electronic etiquette is expected of all users. In registering with BNT, I agree to use the
service only for professional purposes. Selling, or advertising products or services is forbidden.
Posting of resumes or other material not related to this service is prohibited
Registration Form
To become a registered user of BNT complete the registration form below and email it to
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I am employed by a California public school, district, or county office of education.
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I serve students who are: (select all that apply)
Visually Impaired
Hearing Impaired
Learning Disabled
Deaf / Blind
Orthopedic Impairment
Multiple Disabilities
I understand and agree to the rules set by BNT.
Revised 10/2020
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