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Board of Directors Application (Spring 2021)
Thank you for your interest in serving on the AARP Board of Directors. The AARP Board is being
assisted in the search process by the recruitment firm of Heidrick & Struggles. To apply, please
complete and submit this form along with a resume via email to:, no later
than June 30, 2021.
AARP Policy on Personal Political Activity
AARP is a nonpartisan social mission organization that does not endorse or contribute to the campaigns of
candidates for elective office. As a result, AARP Board members must comply with the AARP Policy on
Personal Political Activity that among other things prohibits them from publicly endorsing or opposing
candidates and political parties or engaging in other types of partisan activity. Please read the Policy to gain
a greater understanding of the restrictions placed on Board members with regard to their personal political
activities. The Policy and additional important background information are online at
General Information
Your Name:
Phone Number:
Please tell us where you learned of the application process for the AARP Board of Directors
(check all that apply)
AARP Bulletin
Social Media
AARP Staff*
AARP State Office
AARP Volunteer*
AARP Website
Recruiter Outreach
*If you were referred by an AARP Staff member or volunteer, please share that persons name here:
Areas of Expertise Please check all that apply:
Consumer experience
Digital transformation and innovation
Financial expert
Leveraging emerging trends and product
distribution channels to engage the 50-plus
Executive/C-suite leadership
Service as a Board or Committee Chair of
a national organization
Extensive experience leading large,
complex organizations over $1 billion in
Service in a field closely aligned with
AARP’s social impact agenda, such as
Healthcare, with broad experience in
community systems affecting the
wellbeing of older people
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AARP Board of Directors Application Spring 2021
Current and Prior Board Experience
Provide information about current and past board service at large, complex organizations that are state,
regional, national, or international in scope.
Organization Name
Scope (State,
Type (Nonprofit,
For Profit )
If you chaired the boards above or served in another leadership position on one of these boards (committee
chair, board chair), list the leadership position and duration of appointment.
Organization Name
Leadership Position
Duration of Appointment
Other Volunteer Experience
Please provide information about your volunteer experience other than board service. (Do not repeat board
experience already listed above.)
Organization Name
Served from/to
Save this completed form and submit it along with a current resume no later than June 30, 2021, to: Please note that finalists must agree to a full background check including credit and
criminal history, review of print and social media coverage, and review of partisan political activity. Finalists will be
asked to complete a conflicts of interest disclosure statement in accordance with AARP’s Code of Conduct.