Blood Sugar Testing Times Form
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If you have diabetes, talk with your health professional (if you haven't already) about how often you need to
test your blood sugar level. Use this form to record the times that you should test and when to call your
health professional for blood sugar problems. Post the completed form in a convenient place to remind
yourself when you should test your blood sugar.
I need to test my blood sugar times a day.
The times to test each day are:
Before breakfast. After breakfast.
Before lunch. After lunch.
Before dinner. After dinner.
At bedtime.
Before exercise.
When I think I might have low blood sugar.
After treating low blood sugar.
When I think I might have high bl ood sugar.
After treating high blood sugar.
Before driving.
Other times
I need to test my blood sugar
at these other t es w
im hen I am ill:
I need to call my health I need to call my health
professional if my blood professional if my blood
sugar is below: sugar is above:
Other questions about
blood sugar testing:
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