Blaby District Council – Event Hire
Booking Form
Please complete all sections of the form writing not applicable or not known where
All completed booking forms should be sent to:- Blaby District Council, Council
Offices, Desford Road, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 2EP, FAO Sport and Funding
Project Officer / or alternatively email an electronic copy of the form to /
Booking the Event Equipment
Bookings must be made 3 weeks in advance of the event
A £50 deposit (+ VAT at standard rate) per session is required up front to
secure your booking. This deposit amount will then be deducted from the total
amount we invoice you for when the session/s has been delivered
Cancellations must be made 2 weeks in advance of the event.
If a cancellation is not made 2 weeks in advance of the event the £50 deposit (+
VAT at standard rate) will become non-refundable
As the hiring organisation, you are responsible for contacting us at least 2 hours
prior to the start of your session if you wish to cancel due to inclement weather.
If this is done a full refund of the deposit will be actioned, or an alternative date
will be arranged. If not we will assume that the session is going ahead and
provide our service as normal.
If a session is cancelled part way through due to wet weather or high winds the
Health and Leisure Services team will rearrange a session for the remaining
amount of time when able to do so.
The booking form must be completed by an organisation booking the Event
All bookings are subject to VAT at standard rate
The installation of the equipment will commence 45 minutes before the start of the
session and our staff will require 45 minutes after the session has finished to pack
away the equipment. Fully strained staff will install and dismantle the event equipment
and these staff are including in the price of hire.
Details of event organiser (on site manager)
Please provide contact details. The contact person deemed to be responsible on
behalf of the registered user organisation for the Event Equipment for the duration of
the hire period:
Invoice Address (if
different to the
address above):
Telephone No:
Mobile No:
Order Number
(External Organisations - If
Cost/Detail code
(For ERYC Bookings only)
Emergency contact (including out of hours)
Telephone No:
Mobile No:
Proposed use(s) of the Event Equipment
At busy times, there may be restrictions on the equipment available to each
organisation, to ensure that a large number of locations and projects can benefit from
this service.
Dates of proposed use
with time of proposed use
(Start and Finish Time):
Equipment you require: Details: e.g. bouncy castle, pa system
Precise Location of
proposed use (must
include post code):
Outdoor Space available Details: e.g. carpark, playground
Any access issues:
Indoor Space available Yes No Details:
Power outlet Available on
Yes No Details:
Any additional information
e.g. special event/
increasing youth activity/
potential of permanent
skate park
Potential age range of
majority of young people
Data Protection Act 1998
All information supplied by you in connection with this booking, both now and in the future, will be processed
in confidence by Blaby District Council for the purposes of promoting the provision of services within the area
and in the management and development of the Council’s services. If you have any queries about the processing
of your data please contact us on 0116 272 7703.
Hire Costs 2018
Please let us know the cost of your entire booking below and the Blaby District Council
member of staff it was agreed by (please note all costs are subject to VAT at standard rate).
Cost Of Hire (£): Agreed by:
1. The price includes trained staff provided by the Health and Leisure Services at Blaby
District Council
2. The hiring organisation can choose to charge young people for using the equipment, if
they wish. However we strongly recommend keeping charges low so that no young
people are excluded on grounds of cost. The hiring organisation will need to arrange a
member of staff to come and take payment on the day from young people if this is
something they wish to do.
3. From time to time, the Health and Leisure Services team at Blaby District Council may
run specific projects using external funding, which may reduce the cost/availability of
the hire – we will let you know if this is the case.
I confirm that I authorise Blaby District Council to invoice the costs of hiring the Event
Equipment in relation to any associated bookings in accordance with the terms and
conditions of use (see below overleaf). Please tick
I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out and understand that any breach
may result in being prohibited from use of any equipment associated with Blaby district
Council Health and Leisure Services.
(on behalf of the organisation)
Terms and conditions
1. All bookings will be organised via the Physical Activity Development
Officer (Participation and Sport) at Blaby District Council on 0116 272
7707/0116 272 7703 or alternatively by emailing a request to /
2. Bookings are for the loan of the delivery, equipment and installation
3. Bookings are subject to the availability of the equipment and installation
4. Equipment use is not permitted outside the agreed hours i.e. the booking
period as the equipment will not be able to stay past the agreed time
5. Cancellation of the booking must be received at least 14 days in advance
of the required date of booking otherwise the £50 deposit (+ VAT at
standard rate) will not be refunded.
6. Cancellation of the booking must be received at least 2 hours prior to the
start of the session if you wish to cancel due to inclement weather
otherwise we will assume the session is taking place and provide our
service as normal and you will be invoiced for the full amount.
7. Persistent cancellation or failure to provide the required information will
result in the organisation being prohibited from future loan of the
8. We reserve the right to cancel your booking without being liable for any
inconvenience/expense occurred by your organisation, although this
course of action would ultimately be taken as a last resort
9. Please note that public liability insurance is in place, in the event of injury
caused as a result of the use of the event equipment. Blaby District
Council accept full responsibility for the delivery of any Event Equipment.
10.A Event Hire Disclaimer must be completed and signed by a parent
(18+) for any young person under the age of 16 using the bubble
football. Electronic copies of the disclaimer will be sent out to anyone
who makes a booking in advance of the session/s. We also bring blank
copies of this form to every session.
11.All bookings are subject to a site visit to ensure the venue is suitable.
This will include the size and access to the venue as well as the
suitability of the ground in which the equipment will be going on.
You are responsible for
1. Agreeing to pay for any damage or cleaning costs incurred from the
booking other than every day wear and tear.
2. Working in partnership with the Health and Leisure Services team at
Blaby District Council to ensure health and safety at the venue and
access to and from the venue if required.
3. Payment of invoices within 4 weeks of receipt. An invoice for the total
deposit amount (£50 per session) will be sent prior to your first session
and an invoice for the total amount (minus the total deposit fee) will be
sent after your last session of the booking has been delivered.
4. Marketing of the booking in partnership with the Health and Leisure
Services Team at Blaby District Council.
5. Cancellation of a session/booking in accordance with the terms and
conditions above.
6. Public Liability insurance in the event of injury or loss caused as a result
of the venue or supervision by any person, other than Blaby District
Council employees or trained staff. (Please ensure that public liability
insurance with a minimum liability of £2 million is in place). Please note
that venue would apply to any site other than that owned by Blaby
District Council.