Bishop State Community College
Early Alert System (EAS)
The Student Development Division has implemented a new program called the Early Alert
System (EAS). Through a series of clues, the EAS will identify students with potential
problems and provide the Division of Student Development Services the opportunity to
make contact with the students to determine their needs and provide services to assist
them. This program is imperative for the success and retention of our students.
Identifiable Clues will include:
1. Student failing to pre-register for next semester.
2. Student requesting a transcript to be sent to another institution.
3. Student failing to respond to his/her financial aid award letter.
4. Student’s attendance in his/her classes is erratic or has stopped
attending classes.
5. Student displays a sudden, dramatic change in behavior.
6. Student earns an average below a “C” at any time during the term.
7. Student referrals.
1. Referrals are forwarded to the Dean of Students Office
(Use form attached)
2. Referral information is compiled and a file is opened.
3. Referrer is notified that referral has been received and processed.
4. Contact is made with the student in one of two methods: 1) person
to person; 2) by email.
5. A contact report is completed including all correspondence to date.
6. A form is sent to referrer notifying them of contact made.
7. Follow-up on contact report is made and completed.
Your help with this program is imperative for its success and the retention of our
students. Please copy and use the referral form attached. If you have any questions,
Dean of Students Office.
Rev. 5/2015
Bishop State Community College
STUDENT’S NAME_________________________________ STUDENT’S #____________________
INSTRUCTOR: ___________________________ COURSE NAME/NUMBER____________________
1. Check all items that pertain to the student’s academic difficulty in your class.
Item Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Comments
A. Student’s class attendance. ( ) ( ) ____________________
B. Student’s participation in
discussion/class activities. ( ) ( ) ____________________
C. Student’s completion of
class assignments. ( ) ( ) ____________________
D. Student’s utilization of
your office hours. ( ) ( ) ____________________
E. Student’s preparation for
class, exams, quizzes etc. ( ) ( ) ____________________
F. Student’s background in ( ) ( ) ____________________
subject, i.e., prerequisites met.
2. What steps have you taken regarding this matter?
3. What would you recommend to the student to do better in your class?
( ) improvement in study skills/time management ( ) improve attendance
( ) utilization of peer tutoring ( ) drop the course
( ) student/instructor conference ( ) talk w/counselor
( ) other specify_______________________________________________________________________
4. I have discussed this report with the student. ( ) Yes ( ) No Date________________
5. Last date of attendance____________________
_______________________________ ____________________________
Instructor’s Signature Date