Bill Hill Scholarship Program
Program Overview
The County of Dufferin is pleased to present the Bill Hill Scholarship Program consisting of seven
one-time $2,500 scholarships. The program is intended to recognize outstanding Dufferin County
students who will be pursuing post-secondary education and/or training.
An exciting new addition to the Bill Hill Scholarship program for 2021, is the addition of two more
scholarships. The two additional scholarships aim to recognize two students; one Indigenous and
another who identifies as Black or a Person of Colour (POC).
Scholarship Streams
Seven scholarship awards will be considered for students entering a university, college, or
trade/apprentice program.
Program Stream
Scholarships will be awarded in the following five program areas:
Science and Technology (includes Health Sciences, Engineering, and General science
Business and Social Sciences
Agriculture and Environmental Studies
Arts (Fine arts and Liberal arts)
Skilled trades and applied training programs
Race & Ethnicity Stream
Two scholarships will be awarded to students who identify as:
Black or a Person of Colour
Indigenous/First Nations (Status, Non-Status), Métis or Inuit
Please note: Students who identify as Indigenous, Black, or a Person of Colour are strongly encouraged
to apply.
Application Process
All applicants will be required to submit the following information:
Completed application form
300-word essay
Transcripts from Grade 11 and semester one of Grade 12
Letter of Reference from a staff member of your current school
Proof of admission to post-secondary institution or training program
Eligibility Criteria
All applicants must meet the following criteria:
Be a resident of Dufferin County
Be graduating high school the year of applying for the Bill Hill Scholarship Program (not a
requirement for the Agriculture stream - can be currently enrolled in post-secondary
Been accepted to a post-secondary institution or training program
Selection Process
Completed applications must be received by May 14
. Applications will be reviewed by the selection
committee. The selection committee will consist of two members from the County of Dufferin
(Warden and Chair of the General Government Services Committee), a school board representative
(rotating between boards/schools), a member from the Dufferin Arts Council (for the Arts stream),
and a representative from the Dufferin County Canadian Black Association.
Successful applicants will be notified by no later than the end of May and invited to attend a meeting
of County Council in June to be presented their award.
Please submit the following information to the County of Dufferin, Clerks Department,
Edelbrock Centre, 30 Centre Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 2X1 or
May 14 of the current year.
Application Information
Phone #:
Mailing Address:
High School:
Post-Secondary Program Name:
Future Post-secondary Institution:
Which scholarship stream are you applying to?
(Please select the stream that your post-secondary program falls under)
Program Stream
Science and Technology Agriculture and Environmental Studies
Business and Social Sciences Arts
Skilled Trade/Training Program
Race & Ethnicity Stream
Black or a Person of Colour
Indigenous/First Nations (Status, Non-Status), Métis or Inuit
Please note: If you are eligible for the Race & Ethnicity stream, please select options in both streams
as your application will be considered for both the Program stream, as well as the Race & Ethnicity
scholarship stream. Successful applicants will only be awarded one scholarship.
If you have chosen the Race & Ethnicity stream, please identify yourself below. Select all that
South Asian Caribbean
Southeast Asian African
Latin American Middle Eastern
First Nations
Other Please Specify:
Part 1: Short Essay
Please attach a short essay of approximately 300 words that answers the following questions:
Do you feel your chosen field is important in Dufferin County?
How do you believe you could give back to your community using the skills learned?
Part 2: Short Answer Questions
Please use additional pages if necessary.
Community Service (school involvement, i.e. Student Council, and/or community volunteering)
Please list your most important (no more than four) and indicate the # of hours per week over
the past 2 years.*Please note this excludes any paid activities.
Activities/Skills/Talents (sports, music, jobs, etc...)
Please list up to three and describe your involvement.
Please list up to three and describe why you are proud of these achievements.
How did you hear about the Bill Hill Scholarship Program?
Social media
Newspaper Ad
Word of Mouth
Personal Information contained on this form is collected under the authority of Part II, Section (1)(e)
of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used only to
ascertain eligibility for a Scholarship. For questions, please contact the Clerk at 519-941-2816 x2504
or 30 Centre Street, Orangeville ON L9W 2X1.
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