January 31st Deadline
Requirements to Apply:
1. Must be enrolled in 12+ hours for Spring 2019.
2. Minimum grade point average of 2.5.
3. Must be pursuing a degree in math, science or a healthcare-related field.
1. Completed Scholarship Applica
2. Official College Transcript
3. Personal Statement financial need, in addition to your academic/career goals and how
this scholarship would assist you.
4. Submit completed application by mail to the to the Connors Foundation 700 College Rd.
Warner, OK 74469 or by email to cscdf@connorsstate.edu
Name of Applicant:
Bill & Betty Acord
This scholarship fund was established by a generous donation from Bill and Betty Acord. It
will fund 12 hours of tuition and average fees for the Spring 2019 semester.
Acord Scholarship Application
Deadline: January 31
Applicant Information:
Impact on Financial Aid: Scholarships are considered resource funds under state and federal guidelines, therefore scholarship
awards become part of a student’s financial aid package. Scholarships are first used to cover the student’s unmet need. Gift aid
“grants” will be reduced only if the total of all awards exceeds the amount of financial aid for which the student is eligible. In no
case will the Pell Grant be reduced as a result of a scholarship. Additional documentation pertaining to the applicant’s income
may be requested. If additional income verification is requested, it must be provided before the applicant will be considered for
an award.
Last Name: First Name: Middle Name:
Street Address:
City: State: ZIP:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
E-mail address:
Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY):
Academic Program: GPA:
Please briefly share your academic and career goals and how receiving the
Acord Scholarship would assist you in these efforts.
plicant Signature: _____________________________Date: ________________
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