Kuna City Police
Help keep Kuna safe by doing your
part to prevent crime in our city
Bicycle Informaon
Make/Brand (ex: Schwinn, Trek, Redline)
Style (ex: Mountain Bike, Tandem)
Serial Number: may be found on the frame’s neck,
seat post, back wheel aachment, or under pedal
sprocket area
Model Name or Number
Wheel Size
Frame Size
Brake System (ex: hand or pedal)
List other idenfying features or descriptors
Insurance Agent Name & Telephone Number
Insert Bicycle Registraon Number Here
For children 16 years of age and younger, please use parents’
informaon to register this bicycle
Owner Name: Last, First, Middle inial
Date of Birth: Month/Day/Year
________________________________ ________
Address: Street Number & Street Name Zip Code
Owner driver license number/State
_____________________ ____________________
Home Telephone Number Alternate Phone Number
_____________________ ____________________
Make/Brand Model Name or Number
Ex: Schwinn, Trek, Redline
_____________________ ____________________
Style Wheel Size
Ex: Mountain Bike, Tandem
_____________________ ____________________
Speed/Gears Frame Size
_____________________ ____________________
Color(s) Brake System
Ex: Hand or Pedal
Serial Number: Stamp may be found on the frame’s
neck, seat post, back wheel aachment, or under pedal
sprocket area
Signature of Registrant
Complete this form and submit to:
Kuna City Police Dept. 1450 Boise St. Kuna ID 83634
The Kuna City Police Department will retain this informaon
for a minimum of 5 years from the date of receipt. Registra-
on does not imply any guaranteed recovery of a reported
lost or stolen bicycle.
Why Register Your Bicycle?
In the last three years, the City of Kuna had 55 reports
of stolen bicycles. This may not seem like a large num-
ber, but it is more than double the amount of other are-
as in unincorporated Ada County (Star, Eagle, etc.). This
number doesn’t include any stolen/lost bikes that were-
n’t reported, so the actual number is likely much higher.
Bicycle The IS Preventable!
Thieves are less likely to steal a registered bike since its
owner can easily be idened. Registering your bike
with the Kuna City Police greatly increases the chance of
it being returned to you in the event that it is lost or
stolen and subsequently recovered. Bicycles that are not
registered and are recovered are sent to the Ada County
Sheri’s Oce Property and Evidence unit. Unclaimed
bikes are auconed o aer 90 days.
Why are Serial Numbers Important?
Serial numbers are a set of characters that uniquely
idenfy an object and can be used for traceability and
warranty purposes. Serial numbers are especially im-
portant when reporng stolen items, such as bicycles.
When bicycles are lost or stolen, the owner needs the
serial number to report the incident to the police. Most
people don’t keep this number on hand. When a bike is
registered, the registraon records are cross-referenced
by name as well as serial number and registraon num-
ber, which increases your chances of having your bike
returned, and makes it possible to le charges against
the person in possession of the bike.
Tips To Protect Your Bike:
If your bicycle doesn’t have a serial number, mark
where your serial number would be by engraving your
inials or a four-digit number of your choice
Secure your bike to a bike rack or other immovable
object using a strong, secure lock (U-shaped locks are
recommended rather than chains and cables)
Lock your bicycle through the frame and both wheels
if possible
Keep a record of your bike’s serial number and any
idenfying marks
Here’s What You Can Do!
Register your bike with the Kuna City Police. Your regis-
traon gives us the necessary informaon so that if
your bicycle is ever lost or stolen, we will have a record
of the bike’s serial number. Complete the registraon
form online or submit it to the Kuna City Police. Once
your form is received, you will get a bicycle registraon
scker by mail. Its tracking number is exclusive to you
and indicates your bike is registered with the Kuna City
Police. Apply the scker to your bicycle, making sure
not to cover up the serial number. You only need to
register once. If you sell your bike, the new owner
would need to register with their informaon.
Don’t Forget:
Although it isn’t law, wearing a helmet is always safer
than not doing so
Always lock up your bike, even if you’ll just be away
for a moment
Ride your bike safely! Know and follow the rules of
the road and be sure to keep a watchful eye on your
fellow riders
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