Gateway Pediatric Therapy
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Behavior Technician (BT)
Responsible for working with individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, and mental health disorders
in a 1:1 setting following ABA methods and procedures and to facilitate peer interactions when appropriate.
This can include, but is not limited to:
1. Organize and maintain instructional area throughout the session and at the conclusion of the session.
2. Prepare and keep binder, stimuli, and needed materials accessible and organized.
3. Dress appropriately and arrive on time for work with ample time to prepare for session.
4. Complete all tasks assigned that are associated with the completion of a session.
5. Receive 1:1 and group supervision from supervisors through direct observation.
6. Attend team meetings and scheduled trainings
7. Communicate self in a professional and positive manner with coworkers and parents.
8. Respond to all internal communication (e-mail, phone call, etc.) within 24 hours.
9. Practice universal precaution to protect against the transmission of communicable diseases.
10. Maintain appropriate level of communication with parents about all aspects of therapy.
11. Deliver instruction following procedures learned from initial and ongoing training sessions and based on
feedback given from supervisory staff.
12. Collect, record, and analyze data accurately following Gateway Pediatric Therapy’s procedures.
13. Respond to client’s behavior following procedures learned from initial and ongoing training session and
based on feedback given by supervisory staff.
14. Complete necessary training and demonstrate accurate implementation and reporting on client specific
plans, such as behavior plans and client-specific emergency procedures as outlined within internal
documentation and/or the IPOS/behavioral plan of care.
15. Perform and maintain certification in basic first aid procedures.
16. Complete and submit all progress notes by the completion of the scheduled therapy session.
17. Identify when interventions are needed for specific clients and programs and communicate in a timely
manner to monitoring BCBA or supervisor.
18. Implement Crisis Prevention Institute procedures as required when presented with maladaptive or
undesired behaviors
19. Reports directly to the monitoring BCBA for client needs and implementation of programs. Reports
directly to Clinical Managers for administrative needs or issues.
20. Maintain client privacy in accordance with all HIPAA regulations and with Gateway policies and
procedures manual.
21. Must be able to communicate expressively and receptively both verbally and in writing.
22. Must be able to sit in a child size chair or on the floor; switch from standing to sitting quickly; walk, jog,
or run quickly in the event of client elopement; assume and maintain a variety of postures including but
not limited to, standing, sitting, kneeling, or squatting.
23. This position requires the following physical activities: bending, stooping, kneeling, twisting, reaching,
sitting, standing, walking, lifting, grasping, talking, hearing, visual acuity, and ability to lift up to 40 lbs.
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