Becoming a First Year Experience Peer Mentor Champion (PMC)
Successful and engaged Southern University and A&M College undergraduates, sophomores, juniors and seniors
are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to mentor an incoming first time, fulltime freshman. Being a mentor
provides valuable experience for students who seek to develop their communication and leadership skills and
ensure they are well aware of their support system while on the BLUFF. All Mentors will be paired with first time,
first year scholars.
*Mentees will be matched with their mentor by Academic College!
Program Requirements
If you would like to mentor an incoming first-year, full time freshman during the fall and spring semesters,
complete and submit the 2020-2021 F/SYE Peer Mentor Champion Application.
PMC applicants are required to participate in an interview process
PMC’s are required to attend a MANDATORY Mentor Training/Retreat in August
Program participation requires attendance of weekly group sessions with mentees
PMC’s are required to assist with planning F/SYE programs and assist First Year Experience instructors
throughout the semester in FRMN 110 & FRMN 111 classes.
Selection Criteria:
Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75.
Must be enrolled as a full-time student.
Must have knowledge of campus resources, academic support systems, and campus life.
Familiar with successfully completing Registration.
Please submit a completed application, 4x6 professional headshot, and your proposed action plan for your
Mentees to The Office of First and Second Year Experience in T.H Harris Hall Suite 1075 || Room 1076. If accepted
into the F/SYE Peer Mentoring program, participants are required to complete the mandatory Peer Mentoring
Contact Us
T.H Harris Hall Suite 1075 || Room 1076
Email: fye@subr.edu
Twitter: @fyesubr
Instagram: @fye_subr
2020 Southern University Peer Mentor Champion (PMC) Application
First/Second Year Experience
Due: Monday March 16, 2020 by 5pm
Personal Information
Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Student ID Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Campus or Local Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Native American
Bi or Multi-Ethnic Racial
International Student
First person in my family to
attend college
Another Identity _______________________
Current Academic Year: Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate Student
Cumulative GPA:
Extracurricular Activities, Community Involvement, and Organization Memberships
List Organizations in which you are an active member.
Name of Organization
Type of Organization
Office Held (if applicable)
Action Plan
*Applications should be submitted to T.H Harris Hall Suite 1075 Room 1076 in a sealed envelope.
* Be sure to submit a 4x6 professional headshot with your application along with other requirements.
I understand that my application may be automatically disqualified if the information I provide is false.
Signature of Applicant Date
All applicants must submit an action plan for Mentoring, be creative as possible. Feel free to use charts, etc. (Please attach with your application)
-What questions would you ask your mentee during your first session and why?
- What strategy/system would you utilize to monitor your mentee?
-How would you assess your mentee’s improvement per semester?
-What community service initiative(s) would you have your mentee participate in and why?
Demographic Information
Any information you self-disclose will be used to determine how we can better address our First-Year scholars. This information is optional. (Please check all
that apply)
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