Approved by the Board of Regents October 14, 2014
Last Revised 9.12.16 by tmk
Bay Mills Community College
Public School
Dual Enrollment Application
Dual Enrollment is available for online and on campus classes. Students must be at least second
semester fre s hma n determined eligible by their school district and meet the guidelines set forth by
the State of Michigan’s Postsecondary Enrollment Act (PSEOA).
This form should be completed by the parent or guardian of the student who is attending high school and
wishes to take a course/s at Bay Mills Community College (BMCC). It is the responsibility of the student
and parent/guardian to secure the required signatures in Parts I and II and return this form to the BMCC
Admissions Office.
Part I: To be completed by the students parent or guardian (please print clearly)
Students full legal name:_________________________________________________________________
Gender __________ Birthdate _____________
Ethnic Group (This information is required by the federal government. Please check one).
___ White ___ Black or African American
___ Asian ___ American Indian or Alaskan Descendant
___ Hispanic/Latino ___ Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
As the students parent/guardian, I give permission for my student to take course/s at BMCC,
with the acknowledgement that they will continue their High School degree program.
Parents/Guardians Signature: Date:
Part II: To be completed by the students Principal.
I have verified the above named student is an eligible student per the PSEOA. Permission has
been given and the school district is responsible for all eligible fees. Permission to become a dual
enrolled student at Bay Mills Community College has been authorized.
Principals/Guidance Counselors Signature:
School Name:
Date: ________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Billing Name Contact: _________________________ Phone Number: ___________________
Notice of Placement Test and Prerequisites
BMCC requires you take a placement exam to determine your course level placement prior to signing up for classes.
Some classes have one or more prerequisites, a Pre-requisite is a course that must first be completed before the
desired course can be taken. The BMCC Admissions office or Registrars Office can tell you if the course/s you wish
to take require placement tests or prerequisites. Scheduling cannot be completed until the COMPASS test results have
been received.
Submit to: Bay Mills Community College, Admissions, 12214 W Lakeshore Drive, Brimley, MI 49715