Bay County, Florida RESTORE Act Project
Pre-proposal Form
Fall 2014
Project Number (For Staff Only) Submittal Date
Revised 10/09/14
Purpose: This form is designed to assist citizens, businesses, public or private organizations, and
local governments wishing to submit a project for consideration of funding from the Gulf Coast
Restoration Trust Fund Direct Component dollars allocated to Bay County by the 2012 RESTORE
Act. Additional information on this process, including deadlines, is provided at
Funds are provided to Bay County, as a federal grant, usually on a project-by-project basis.
Organizations wishing to manage a project must have the capacity to manage a federal grant
and comply with all of its requirements.
A maximum of $6.3 million will be available for this funding cycle. Projects not funded in
this cycle may be proposed in future application cycles.
NOTE: ** Only information submitted on this form will be considered. Complete the form,
save it and email it to You will receive an email
confirming receipt of your pre-proposal. Please note that Florida has a very broad Public
Records Law and your email communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.
Criteria for eligible projects
A proposed project must meet all the following criteria in order to be eligible for Bay County's Direct
Component funds:
1. Within Bay County or adjacent surface and Gulf waters, or with an identified and strong benefit
to the County
2. Addresses one or more RESTORE Act eligible activities
3. Addresses one or more Bay County Multi-Year Implementation Plan Objectives
4. Is not fully funded by another source of money
5. Has a recognizable public benefit
Bay PRP 2014-046
Project Name (Character count limited to 250)
Project Proposer Name (Character count limited to 50)
Affiliation (Character count limited to 50)
Position (Character count limited to 50)
Mailing Address
Street / P O Box
City State Zip Code
E-Mail Address Web-Site
Phone Number Fax Number
Project Description (Character count limited to 500)
Project Size (acres)
Public Benefit (Clearly and briefly describe anticipated outcomes and benefit to the public.
Complete only those that apply) (Character count limited to 300 on each topic)
Fostering Business and Econmomic Growth Through Business Incubation
Andrew Levy
Business Innovation Center (BIC)
Chairman, BIC Executive Board
4750 Collegiate Drive
Panama City
The BIC continues to have active interest from innovation-oriented and foothold companies.
The BIC (10 clients, 4 in residence) has already exceeded capacity and recognizes the value of
having multiple locations. Downtown Panama City is the urban environment clients’ desire.
Combining a downtown community-oriented with a successful campus-based location, the BIC
will be positioned to service NW Florida’s startup community. The BIC requires a grant of
$629,000.00 to fully fund its expansion.
For every $1 of public investment in an incubator there is a return on investment of $30 in local
tax revenue. There is increased likelihood of business success with 87% of incubator graduates
staying in business and 85% of the incubator graduates staying in the community.
RESTORE Act Direct Component eligible activity that the project undertakes (Check only
those that apply)
Activities Eligible for Funding
Restoration and protection of the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and
wildlife habitats, beaches, and coastal wetlands of the Gulf Coast region
Mitigation of damage to fish, wildlife, and natural resources
Implementation of a federally approved marine, coastal, or comprehensive conservation
management plan, including fisheries monitoring
Workforce development and job creation
Improvements to or on State parks located in coastal areas affected by the Deepwater
Horizon oil spill
Infrastructure projects benefitting the economy or ecological resources, including port
Coastal flood protection and related infrastructure
Planning assistance
Administrative costs of complying with this subsection
Promotion of tourism in the Gulf Coast Region, including recreational fishing
Promotion of the consumption of seafood harvested from the Gulf Coast Region
Limited only by the incubator's client base and mission of fledgling businesses/products
developed to impact our local environment.
An example of a current client impacting social aspects: company developing system to
modernize the booking of local charter fishing and hunting trips Bay County and surrounding
areas, bringing people together with similar interests in outdoor activity.
Four separate clients/potential clients are "on hold" for requested BIC services. The current
lack of space precludes service to companies with known job creation potential in tech and
medical fields. Award of this grant allows these start-ups to bring jobs to Bay County.
Bay County RESTORE Act Multi-Year Implementation Plan objectives addressed (Check only
those that apply; read full text of each objective before checking the box. Full text can be
downloaded at
Economic Development and Job Creation
Objective 1.1 Diversify the Economy
Objective 1.2 Contribute to infrastructure
Objective 1.3 Expand airport economic benefits
Objective 1.4 In-demand job training
Objective 1.5 Workforce development fund
Objective 1.6 Facilities to foster tourism and economic development
Objective 1.7 Recreation, public transportation, and opportunities for wage improvements
Objective 1.8 Conserve and protect natural resources
Objective 1.9 Promote recreational Gulf fishing
Objective 1.10 Community resilience planning
Objective 2.1 Improve and protect the St. Andrew Bay watershed
Objective 2.2 Improve and protect water quality
Objective 2.3 Protect seagrass beds
Objective 2.4 Increase awareness of wildlife habitat
Objective 2.5 Acquisition and management of coastal conservation lands
Objective 2.6 Preserve and restore dune systems and living shorelines
Objective 2.7 Contribute to the protection and recovery of protected species
Objective 2.8 Sustainable approach to long-term collection of water data
Public Infrastructure
Objective 3.1 Maintain water quality in Deer Point Lake
Objective 3.2 Stabilize unpaved roads
Objective 3.3 Upgrade sewage treatment to advanced wastewater treatment levels
Objective 3.4 Replacement of septic tanks with centralized wastewater treatment
Objective 3.5 Upgrading stormwater treatment facilities
Objective 3.6 Promote low impact development
Objective 3.7 Increase coastal resilience
Objective 3.8 Support the Port Authority's efforts to add capacity and increase trade
Describe Project Location (Character count limited to 300)
Provide the location of the center of the project as latitude/longitude in decimal degrees (e.g.
latitude 30.1312, longitude -85.7327). To determine this, go to the Bay County ArcGIS Map
, (works
best in Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers) put the pointer on the center of your project, and note
the latitude and longitude from the bottom left corner.
Latitude Longitude
Estimated total cost of project Amount being requested
Describe what the requested funds will be used for. (Character count limited to 300)
If long term funding is needed, indicate the anticipated funding source and availability.
(Character count limited to 300)
Estimate amount of time needed to complete the project
0 to 2 years
3 to 6 years
7 to 10 years
11 plus years
97 Oak Ave in downtown Panama City, FL located in the former Social Security Admin. office.
Building is well suited for conversion to incubation offices, most efficiently using avail. funding.
Loc. selected for ease of access for potential clients/customer base.
Five year lease of up to 10,800 sq ft building with office, meeting and other support spaces. Will
also cover start-up and monthly costs of internet, phone, utilities, insurance, furniture and
modest marketing.
The Business Innovations Center will continue to seek additional Federal, State, Local and
private funding sources for long term service to the local community.
Matching funds
Are matching funds available?
If yes, describe source and if the match is secured. (Character count limited to 300)
Amount of match secured
Percent of estimated project cost to be
provided by matching funds
Are any partnerships anticipated for this project?
If yes, please provide name of partner(s)
Have funds requested for this project also been requested from another source?
If yes, indicate which source, when requested, anticipated decision and date of decision.
(Character count limited to 300)
Is this project already fully funded by another source of money?
1) City of Panama City 2) Bay County Chamber
& 3) Bay EDA
Bay County, Florida RESTORE Act
2014 - 2015 Full Proposal Form
Project Number:
(For Staff Only) Submittal Date:
Form Revised:
January 5, 2015
Purpose: This form is for those projects that the Bay County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee advanced from the
pre-proposal phase to the full proposal phase. These projects are being considered for potential funding from the
Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund Direct Component dollars allocated to Bay County by the 2012 RESTORE Act.
Process: The information required by Bay County’s full proposal form will build upon the information provided in the
pre-proposal form. Bay County staff will provide to the project applicant the completed pre-proposal form previously
submitted, merged with the blank full proposal form. Applicants will complete the full proposal form and may make
changes in the merged pre-proposal form. For each proposal, only those RESTORE Act eligible activities and Bay
County Multi-Year Implementation Plan objectives that are fully justified by the applicant will be considered. Each
proposal must support at least one eligible activity and one objective.
The Committee will recommend projects for funding to the Bay County Board of County Commissioners. The Board
will decide which projects to submit for federal funding. Information in addition to that provided in the full proposal
may be required from an applicant before consideration of the project by the Board of County Commissioners and/or
before the County applies for federal grant funds, especially for those projects proposed to be managed by an entity
other than Bay County. For those projects selected by the Board, project proposers will be responsible for providing
all project-related information required by Treasury’s grant application process, described in “
RESTORE Act Direct
Component Guidance and Application to Receive Federal Financial Assistance
All Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund (RESTORE Act) Direct Component funds reserved for Bay County will come to
Bay County in the form of federal grants on a project-by-project basis. Direct Component funds are governed by
federal regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 34)
, as well as guidance issued by the Office of Management and Budget entitled,
“Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards”
(78 Fed. Reg.
78,590; December 26, 2013)
Grant funds for each project may be managed directly by Bay County or may be passed through to qualified sub-
recipients. Projects of the type that normally would be competitively bid by Bay County will be competitively bid.
Instructions: Applicants must complete this form in electronic pdf format, save it, and email it to
. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your proposal. Please note
that Florida has a very broad Public Records Law and your email communications may therefore be subject to public
If you are using Chrome browser, you may have difficulty with the form. Do not use Chrome’s default pdf reader.
Adobe Reader XI or newer is needed to complete the form.
If you do not have the reader, you can download it for free from the Adobe website
. For ADA compliance for the
visually impaired, we recommend online conversion tools
for Adobe PDF documents.
Bay PRP 2014-046
A. General Information
Name of Proposed Project:
Name of Applicant:
Project Description:
Description of Project Location: Please provide a written description of the project's location. Please also provide
a map of the project boundaries using one of the following methods: GIS, Google Earth KMZ file, parcel
numbers, a sketch on a map, or a sketch with geographic reference points. Specify which method is being used.
Submit the map file separately to, making sure to include the name of the
proposal and to describe the map method used.
B. RESTORE Act eligible activity. Fully justify how the proposed project qualifies as one or more RESTORE Act
eligible activity. Eligibility will be evaluated by Bay County and U.S. Department of the Treasury staff.
1. Restoration and protection of the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats,
beaches, and coastal wetlands of the Gulf Coast region.
Business Innovation Center (BIC): Jeremy Bennett, Board President and Pamela Kidwell, BIC
Since August 2013, the Business Innovation Center (BIC) has mentored new, growth stage* and
foothold* companies in admittedly limited facilities on the Florida State University-Panama City
(FSU-PC) campus. With ten (10) clients, four (4) of whom are in actual residence in the current
FSU-PC offices, the BIC has already exceeded its in-house capacity. In short, the BIC needs to
expand its operation in an additional facility. Downtown Panama City offers the urban commercial
environment our clients desire and an inventory of suitable buildings. Combining a downtown
commercial facility to house clients with a successful campus-based location focused on non-resident
business mentoring and counseling for FSU students and the general public, the BIC will be better positioned to
serve Bay County and northwest Florida’s entrepreneurial community.
The BIC will use the $629,000.00 grant to fully fund the lease of an existing building in downtown
Panama City for a five (5) year period, as well as leasehold improvements to provide appropriate
business services for our current and new clients.
* “Growth stage” is a term used to describe home-based businesses which need to move into an
outside office but are not ready for the financial commitment of a standard commercial lease.
* “Foothold” is the term used to describe existing commercially viable companies which require
temporary fixed office space from which to operate as they “test” a market and can move out
into a permanent location.
Four buildings of interest in downtown Panama City have been identified to house the BIC
expansion. A lease on any of these buildings will not be initiated without surety of grant
These coordinates describe the area in downtown Panama City bordered by 7th Street on the north, 5th Street on
the south, Beach Drive/Florida Avenue on the west and Luverne Avenue on the east.
Diagram using the Bay County Interactive Map will be emailed separately.
Not Applicable
2. Mitigation of damage to fish, wildlife, and natural resources.
3. Implementation of a federally approved marine, coastal, or comprehensive conservation management
plan, including fisheries monitoring.
4. Workforce development and job creation.
5. Improvements to or on State parks located in coastal areas affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
6. Infrastructure projects benefitting the economy or ecological resources, including port infrastructure.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Startups, growth stage companies and new foothold companies expanding into our market,
especially those in innovative non-retail industry sectors, are key to new job creation and
subsequent workforce development in Bay County. The BIC itself is space-constrained and cannot expand on the
FSU-PC campus. The four (4) companies currently in residence at the BIC's FSU-PC facility are space-limited.
Their employees often must timeshare office space, which is less than optimal for growth. Our most promising client
expects to employ forty (40) technical staff but cannot do so without offices and meeting spaces. Growth is exciting
but not without its challenges.
Renting a larger office building and equipping it with the accoutrements of shared business support
(phone system, internet, conference room, copier, etc.) in downtown Panama City will not only
allow the BIC to expand, it will also contribute to downtown Panama City’s economic revitalization
efforts. The spillover effect of new non-retail businesses in downtown on the existing retail
establishments cannot be overlooked. Twenty more people eating lunch and shopping downtown
on any given work day will contribute to the economic health of downtown as well.
Moreover, this project fits well into the “tech corridor” plans under the marina redevelopment
project, and could encourage the development of affordable housing for young professionals
employed by these firms. This is one of the reasons that the Bay County Chamber of Commerce has
formally endorsed this project.
Not Applicable
Although this funding request will not be used in the traditional infrastructure development sense,
a non-retail,STEM-focused business incubator facility in downtown Panama City will be another
“tool” in Bay County’s economic development toolbox to entice foothold companies to test our
waters and set up permanent operations here.
7. Coastal flood protection and related infrastructure.
8. Planning assistance.
9. Promotion of tourism in the Gulf Coast Region, including recreational fishing.
10. Promotion of the consumption of seafood harvested from the Gulf.
C. Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund (RESTORE Act) Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MYIP) for Bay County
objectives. Fully justify how the proposal meets one or more MYIP objectives.
1. Economic Development and Job Creation
Objective 1.1: Diversify the economy in areas of aerospace, medical technology, logistics, and advanced
manufacturing, tourism development projects and defense.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
A client currently served by the BIC is directly involved in promoting recreational freshwater
and saltwater fishing through a website portal. Unfortunately, the BIC’s current space limitations
preclude him from being housed in the existing office facility. RESTORE ACT funding to allow the
BIC’s expansion would offer this start-up and possibly others in tourism promotions space to grow.
Not Applicable
As its name suggests, the BIC’s mission as a non-profit business incubator is to cultivate, stimulate
and nurture the growth of these non-retail industry sectors. A 2011 report called “Incubating
Success,” which was financed by the Economic Development Administration at the Department of
Commerce, found that one of “the most important goals of top-performing incubation programs are
creating jobs and fostering the entrepreneurial climate in the community.”
BIC's incubator clients have access to comprehensive business training (marketing, financial
management, networking, intellectual property management, and regulatory compliance, etc.) as
well as advisory boards and mentors. The proven advantage of such support is borne out by the
87% likely success rate of incubated clients. In the case of foothold companies, the new BIC facility
will offer them temporary base of operations with room to grow locally while continuing their
access to a support network as they establish themselves in our market.
This grant will be used to rent an existing building in the “tech corridor” in downtown Panama City
and pay for leasehold improvements to expand BIC operations. The successful growth of BIC clients
in this facility will directly impact the revenue base of downtown Panama City and can attract other
entrepreneurs, further diversifying and sustaining an area adversely impacted by the economic
downturn associated with the BP oil spill.
Objective 1.2: Provide or contribute to infrastructure to attract new and technology-based industry - e.g., high-
tech infrastructure hangars/facilities, industrial sites.
Objective 1.3: Support efforts and expand economic benefits from the airport.
Objective 1.4: Provide in-demand job training and align training infrastructure resources for those jobs that are
in the community or are anticipated.
Objective 1.5: Establish a flexible workforce development fund able to rapidly respond to specific job-training
Objective 1.6: Develop and promote additional facilities, attractions, ecotourism opportunities, cultural and
heritage resources, and other tourism amenities to foster tourism and economic development.
All of the non-retail sectors referenced in Objective 1.1 require physical space with
STEM-compatible infrastructure and support facilities. The BIC is the only non-profit entity
in Bay County offering such entrepreneurial support. The successful launch of a new non-retail
incubator in downtown Panama City will not only help BIC clients in residence now, but allow us to house the clients
for whom we have no space in our current location, as well as encourage
others to locate within the facility. It might also encourage the revitalization of other buildings downtown as BIC
clients "graduate" and need to expand into "independent" facilities. Furthermore, the office spaces on the FSU-PC
campus can be used to encourage entrepreneurship among the college community, as well as the non-resident
client consulting already provided by the BIC.
Not specifically applicable at this time. However, aerospace, logistics and tech companies which might be attracted
but not ready to commit or are waiting to build fixed base operations at the airport could establish temporary offices
in the new BIC facility. (See Objectives 1.1 and 1.4)
The BIC has a well-established working relationship with CareerSource Gulf Coast as well as Gulf
Coast State College, FSU-Panama City and Haney Technical School, all of which offer employment
resources to employers and job seekers. This relationship may particularly relevant to foothold
firms looking to expand into Bay County. From its expanded facilities, the BIC can help coordinate
job training for these companies and pre-qualify job seekers for them through its workforce development partners.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Objective 1.7: Support recreation (including improved beach and water access), public transportation (including
bike lanes), and opportunities for wage improvements that enhance the quality of life of Bay County residents
and visitors.
Objective 1.8: Conserve and protect those natural resources that form the basis of the tourist industry.
Objective 1.9: Promote recreational Gulf fishing by establishing artificial reefs, highlighting recreational fish
species that have fewer catch restrictions, and emphasizing the activity and enjoyment of fishing rather than
particular fish species.
Objective 1.10: Support community resilience planning for locally owned businesses to assist continuity of
operations planning for post man-made or natural disasters.
Not Applicable. However, to the extent that the BIC focuses on the growth of STEM-related new
business development, expansion into a new facility will present “...opportunities for wage
improvements...for Bay County residents….”
Not Applicable
See section B.9
Not Applicable
2. Environment
Objective 2.1: Improve and protect the St. Andrew Bay watershed water quality and watershed condition taking
into consideration the recommendations and priorities in the St. Andrew Bay Surface Water Improvement and
Management Plan, the St. Andrew Bay Stormwater Management Plan (2009), and the Northwest Florida Water
Management District Gulf restoration projects list, as well as the priority recommendations of the Florida Fish
and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and fishery strategies.
Objective 2.2: Improve and protect the water quality of the St. Andrew Bay, its watershed, coastal lakes, and the
Gulf near-shore waters by advancing acquisition of lands and restoration of wetlands and uplands in proximity to
the Bay.
Objective 2.3: Protect seagrass beds by partnering with organizations to institute a public awareness program
to inform residents and visitors about the value and potential threats to seagrass beds.
Objective 2.4: Increase awareness of the beach and near-shore areas as wildlife habitat.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Objective 2.5: Support acquisition and active management of properties important to coastal conservation lands
in order to protect the natural resources.
Objective 2.6: Preserve and restore dune systems and living shorelines, including oyster reefs, seagrass beds
and marshes, to improve estuarine habitat and water quality, reduce shoreline erosion, increase coastal
resilience and minimize the potential damage to life and property caused by coastal storms.
Objective 2.7: Support projects that contribute to the protection and recovery of protected species listed by the
state or federal government and that improve the flexibility of local infrastructure management, development,
and business operations.
Objective 2.8: Support a sustainable approach to long-term collection of water quality and other important
environmental data that can be used as indicators of ecosystem health and recovery and provide information
for use in adaptive management.
3. Public Infrastructure
For this plan, public infrastructure is defined as man-made infrastructure owned by the public and/or for public use.
Environmental infrastructure, such as wetlands, the seagrass beds, and other habitats, are included in the
Environment section.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Objective 3.1: Maintain water quality in Deer Point Lake, the local potable water supply, at current levels or
better through conservation land acquisition, septic tank removal, stabilization of unpaved roads and fertilizer
application education.
Objective 3.2: Stabilize unpaved roads in Bay County to reduce nutrient and sedimentation input into the St.
Andrew Bay system; prioritize efforts based on proximity to water bodies and other factors, including guidance
in the St. Andrew Bay SWIM plan.
Objective 3.3: Maintain and improve the water quality of the Gulf and the St. Andrew Bay system by upgrading
sewage treatment facilities to advanced wastewater treatment levels or greater.
Objective 3.4: Facilitate replacement of septic tanks with centralized wastewater treatment, prioritizing efforts
based on factors including proximity to the bay system, density of septic tanks, age and condition of septic
tanks, and soils.
Objective 3.5: Maintain and improve the water quality of the Gulf and the St. Andrew Bay system by installing
or upgrading stormwater treatment facilities, using the St. Andrew Bay Stormwater Management Plan (2009)
and the SWIM plan for guidance and with emphasis on multi-jurisdictional approaches.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Objective 3.6: Promote low impact development (LID) practices.
Objective 3.7: Increase coastal resilience and protect key public assets from coastal flooding.
Objective 3.8: Support the Port Authority’s efforts to add Port capacity and increase trade, including land
acquisition for facilities, expansion of port related infrastructure, continued development of the Intermodal
Distribution Center, maintaining and expanding deepwater access, and the capacity to provide alternative fuels.
D. Budget Information
Budget justification. Explain how the overall budget supports the proposed scope of work and identify sources
of funds. Provide separate Bay County RESTORE and other funds budgets using the provided table at the back
of this form. Provide the budget for each category.
Ongoing costs. Identify ongoing costs necessary to support the project after the major grant period (e.g.,
operation and maintenance of facilities), and the source of funds for those costs. Specifically identify any
ongoing costs proposed to be borne by Bay County.
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not specific but equally applicable to the opportunity delineated in Objective 1.3
Of the $629,000 requested, $50,000 for leasehold improvements over 5 years; $65,000 for equipment (telecomm;
copiers; computers and printers; and furnishings over 5 years); $514,000 for the building lease.
The BIC has operating capital to cover its personnel expense, and generates income from its business counselling
services. It does not collect rent at this time. When it occupies the facility, it expects to generate $25,800 in rent
revenue to offset its operational expenses
The BIC's estimated annual operating budget is $550,000 per year. We expect to collect $309,600 in facilities rental
revenues. The remaining $240,400 will be covered by its long term investment accounts, revenue-generating
activities, additional grants and donations (cash and material).
E. Project milestones. Describe the overall objective of the proposed project and criteria/measures to be
used to evaluate the success in helping to restore and protect the economy and/or environment of the Gulf
Coast region.
F. Natural Resource Projects.
Is this project designed to protect or restore natural resources?
If yes, provide a brief summary demonstrating how the project is based on Best Available Science. Projects
approved by the Board of County Commissioners will be required to complete the Treasury’s three-pronged
test (see below).
1. maximizes the quality, objectivity, and integrity of information, including statistical information;
2. uses peer-reviewed and publicly available data - cite peer-reviewed, objective, methodologically sound
literature sources that support the conclusion that the proposed scope of work is an effective way to achieve
the stated objectives, when available
3. clearly documents risks and uncertainties in the scientific basis for such projects
G. Treasury RESTORE Act Environmental Checklist. Review Treasury’s RESTORE Act Environmental
Checklist (attached to this form) and list and discuss any of the federal acts and executive orders the
applicant anticipates as issues for the proposed project. If any of the items on the checklist apply to a
project, additional information and actions may be required at a later stage.
The Business Innovation Center is a self-sustaining business operation in its own right with its
own source of working capital and income derived from its internal and external client consulting services.
With this grant, the BIC will rent an office facility in downtown Panama City, invest in leasehold
business support improvements that complement its operations (telephone system, internet, etc.),
and expand its operation for its existing client base to include several more in-house clients. The
number of resident businesses will vary, both according to space, demand and “graduation rates”
from the program.
BIC clients are independently owned businesses. The BIC currently provides business counseling and modest
support services; with this grant, the BIC will also provide an ideal physical plant in which they can grow. These
companies' graduation from the program as sustainable ventures that will contribute to the Bay County's economic
development is our goal with active recruitment of promising new start-ups to take their places.
The project milestones for this grant hinge upon the lease agreement and completion of leasehold improvements
associated with the BIC facility expansion: THIS TIME TABLE is for illustration purposes only:
Successful negotiation of a facility lease agreement (45-60 days following grant award and BIC Board approval)
Contracting for and installation of leasehold improvements (60-90 days, depending on
needs of the building leased)
Actual move-in (10-30 days following completion of leasehold improvements, although
move-in may begin prior to completion)
Not Applicable.
Submitted separately.
H. Economic Development.
Is this an economic development project?
If yes, applicant must specify economic development benefits. Applicants stating economic development as an
objective for their project may be required to conduct a formal economic impact analysis of the proposed project
or provide data for an economic analysis.
I. Job Creation.
Is this project claiming to create jobs?
If yes, describe how jobs are to be created and the types of jobs.
Number of jobs to be created:
Job creation schedule for three consecutive years:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Average wage for each
created job:
Total cost of the proposed
See section C.1
By definition, a business incubator like the BIC is a local economic development
engine whose purpose is to foster the success and growth of startups and foothold businesses in
Bay County. With this grant, the BIC will expand its activities and move its existing clients that
are outgrowing their current space in our FSU-PC center into the downtown “tech corridor”
building. The FSU-PC location will be retained to provide non-resident client counselling, and offer small office
spaces for promising entrepreneurial activities by FSU students.
Although the BIC encourages the growth and sustainability of STEM-related, non-retail businesses,
we can make no claim nor representation as to limiting the types of clients served nor the ultimate
long term success of each BIC client. The BIC is an entrepreneurial business builder. We give
entrepreneurs and foothold companies the support they need to succeed but the proverbial heavy
lifting remains on the individual business owner’s shoulders.
Personnel costs are borne by the BIC's current operational funding.
J. Complementary Projects.
Please describe if the project complements other funded or planned projects. For each complemented project,
describe the project, the purpose of the project, the organization conducting the project, the funding source (if
known), and the budget (if known).
K. Project readiness and feasibility
State whether the project is ready to start when funds are available. State the amount of time anticipated after
funding is available that the major work of the project can start.
Permits. Does the proposed activity require any federal, state or local permits?
If yes, list local, state, tribal and/or federal permits required for this project and the status of each permit.
Will this project use the requested funds for land acquisition? (Landowner must be a willing seller.)
If yes, provide the following information.
Legal rights that will be acquired.
Fee Simple
The downtown Panama City Marina redevelopment project and long-range improvement plans
reference a downtown ”tech corridor”. Although this project does not rely upon nor is it affiliated
with the marina redevelopment, the BIC facility certainly will serve as a cornerstone for progress toward
downtown revitalization.
In anticipation of this funding, four (4) properties in downtown Panama City have been identified as
suitable for the BIC and its clients’ needs. Once this funding is secured, the BIC Board is empowered
to sign a five-year lease, proceed with leasehold improvements deemed necessary for operations, and begin
moving its clients into the new facility as soon as possible. Also see section E for
milestones and estimated time table.
Local building/fire inspections are the building owners' responsibility. No structural renovations are planned. Permits
required to retrofit or upgrade the utilities, telecomm and cable capabilities will be handled in coordination with the
If a blend of fee simple and easement or other situation, please explain.
If easement, describe life and terms of the easement.
Entity that will hold title.
Easement acreage
Fee simple acreage
Is a recent independent appraisal of the property available?
If yes, state appraised value.
Is a title opinion or certificate available?
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Material risks. List the possible material risks, e.g., operational, legal, regulatory (including permits), budgetary
or ecological risks that may affect the project. For each identified risk, provide a brief discussion of mitigation
strategies that the applicant may need to address in order to implement and/or maintain the proposed activity.
Describe the likelihood of project accomplishing its main purpose. Provide justification for statements.
Does the applicant plan to contract out any work proposed in this application?
If yes, describe the applicant's contracting strategy, schedule, and plan to effectively monitor and manage
contractor performance.
L. Project Management.
Does the applicant propose to manage the proposed project?
If yes, provide the following information. A Financial Risk Assessment may be required prior to provision of funds.
1. Name of proposed manager/manager organization - (manager must have the capability to manage a
federal grant and comply with all requirements)
Material risks associated with the project are minimal. Without funding, BIC expansion will not go
forward at this time.
Time is of the essence with this project. Given RESTORE Act grant funding, the BIC is ready to
proceed. Appropriate buildings in the downtown Panama City tech corridor have already been
identified. Leasehold improvements are contingent upon the specific building’s shortcomings but
the BIC board is confident that it can meet its timeline for occupancy.
The extent to which leasehold improvements are required is dependent upon the building selected. See Section E.
Current BIC staff in conjunction with the BIC Board will schedule and monitor the project's progress in cooperation
with the landlord.
Business Innovation Center of Bay County
2. Has the proposed manager agreed to manage the project if funded?
3. Describe demonstrated applicant experience managing grants and contracts, financial history and track
record, etc. and in completing similar projects – size, type, cost, length of time.
4. Describe the capability to maintain the project after completion – technical, fiscal aspects, organization
5. Describe the proposed approach to manage the project if funded.
M. Outreach.
Describe any planned outreach efforts related to the project.
The BIC staff will be responsible for all reporting requirements with considerable oversight by its
Board of Directors . Staff members have several years’ experience in managing state and federal
grants with the US Small Business Administration ($225,000 over a four-year period) as well as the
US Department of Labor ($2M over a three-year period) for a different organization.
The BIC has a stable funding source and revenue stream from its current operations with an excellent board and
management team in place. In addition to the funds on hand, the BIC expects to generate approximately $25,800
per month in facilities rental revenue. The staff aggressively pursues additional funding through grants, donations
and additional programs.
The BIC has a funds management program in place under its Executive Director Pamela Kidwell
who is answerable to the the BIC’s Board of Directors, including a Certified Public Accountant,
which oversees its expenditures. The BIC currently manages $325,940 with an active operating
budget of $24,221.
Accounting systems are already in place to manage grants funds with Board oversight. Staff is experienced in grant
reporting requirements, and has a Certified Public Accountant on the BIC Board to ensure compliance and fiscal
The BIC enjoys excellent relationships with local media, the Bay County Economic Development
Alliance, and both local Chambers of Commerce. A comprehensive public relations campaign
is planned in all media (print, electronic and social platforms) across the region. Each project
milestone is another opportunity for project publicity. A formal ribbon cutting will be held when
the building is ready for occupancy. Given formal endorsement by the Bay County Chamber’s
Governmental Affairs committee, the BIC will have ample opportunity for outreach to the business
community at Chamber events such as First Friday and in its publications.
BIC also works closely with CareerSource Gulf Coast to help entrepreneurs find employees and will
help coordinate workforce training as needed.
Cost Item
Project Costs
Bay County RESTORE
Other Funds
Personnel and Fringe
All Equipment greater than $5,000
Contractual costs
Construction costs
Administrative costs
Estimated Project Cost by Source
$ $
Total Estimated Project Cost
Estimated Costs by Year
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Major Types of supplies and Estimated Costs
Ongoing costs.
Bay County Funds Other Funds
Estimated annual ongoing costs after project end.
Estimated number of years for ongoing costs.
Total Estimated Ongoing Cost by Source $ $
Total Estimated ongoing Cost
Cost Estimate
Cost Appendix Sheet