Revised 6/2019
Bascom Honors Program
Program Planner (Begins FA2019)
Student Name ______________________________ Major _____________________________ Date _____________
The Bascom Honors student must:
maintain a 3.3 cumulative g.p.a.
pass two (2) Honors Colloquia (0.5 credits each)
complete seven (7) Honors Seminars with a B- or better (may include 2 honors contracts ONLY when necessary)
Category Course Number Course Title Semester Credits Grade
Honors Colloquium #1 HONR260H Introduction to Honors
Honors Colloquium #2 HONR261H Everyday Honors
History/Political Science
Social Science
Fine Arts
Elective #1
Elective #2
Please contact Dr. Alden Craddock ( if you have any questions.