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Areas of Consideration:
Impact: Service, dedications, professionalism, and compassion in deal with internal or external publics (students,
faculty, staff, and community). Inspires an overall sense of belonging that leads to a welcoming campus
Effectiveness: Promotion of University core values and purpose including character, collaboration, respect, and
service to the campus community.
Innovation: Contribution toward more efficient or productive operations including money-saving ideas,
exceptional fiscal responsibility, and improving service quality.
Significance: Accomplishments through campus work assignments that contribute to the success of UCO in the
community either directly or thought significant support of others from the campus.
Nominations are not complete unless this form accompanies a one-page, typewritten letter describing how the
nominee exhibited traits in all areas of consideration, including specific examples of Impact, Effectiveness,
Innovation and Significance. See sample nomination letter below.
In order to create an environment where UCO employees feel that they are publicly recognized for performance that
reflects the innovation, passionate, student and customer-centered focus that Central has embraced, one quarterly $500
award will be presented four times a year, and three annual $1250 awards, as indicated below*.
Eligibility: The quarterly award is available to UCO staff members (except directors and above) who have a minimum
of six months of continuous employment prior to nomination. The annual is available to all staff
employees who have a minimum of six months of continuous employment prior to nomination.
Nominations may be made by anyone including faculty, staff, students and campus vendors.
Due Dates: Quarterly nomination forms must be received by Human Resources no later than the last working Friday of
the indicated nomination period, Annual nomination forms are due to Human Resources no later than the
second Friday of July.
Instructions: Please complete this form and submit it along with one-page, typewritten letter describing how the
nominee exhibited traits in all areas of consideration. Include specific examples.
*NOMINATION PERIOD: Annual (July 1 June 30)
(1Qtr) July September (2Qtr) October December (3Qtr) January March (4Qtr) April June
Name of Nominee Department Campus Extension
Nominator’s Name (Please Print) Nominator’s Title Nominator’s Department
Nominator’s Signature Nominator’s Box Number Campus Extension
Name of Nominee’s Supervisor Department Title Campus Extension
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Sample Nomination Letter
It is my pleasure to nominate Jane Doe, Executive Assistant, University Student Services, for the 1
Quarter (July-
September) Exceptional Performance Award. Jane has worked with me for the past three years, and I am
impressed by the exceptional quality of service she provides to everyone who contacts this office. Specifically, her
work during Homecoming was exceptional.
Impact: Jane’s attention to detail was highlighted in the way she prepared for every event. For example, at the
Homecoming block party, she expanded the standard task list to include details that she had personally noted after
last year’s block party. By doing so, she was able to ensure that an information table was added, extra trash and
recycling bins were placed in high traffic areas, and adequate signage indicating restrooms, parking options and
event booths were displayed.
Effectiveness: Jane coordinated her efforts with specific departments, planning well in advance to ensure that
everything was ready for what appeared to be an effortless event. However, I saw the hours she spent reserving
food, tables, chairs, and fire permits for the all-you-can-eat chili dog dinner, as well as having a back-up plan ready
in case of bad weather. With all the preparation she put into the event, people moved through the lines quickly,
easily finding adequate seating and food.
Innovation: The addition of the fenced pet patio for those who brought their dogs was a surprising, well received
addition to the all-you-can-eat chili dog dinner. Jane made sure there was water for the animals, supplies for
cleaning up any messes, and even a dog biscuit for each pet when they left the patio with their owners.
Significance: Homecoming was attended by a large mixture of students, faculty, staff, parents, friends and alumni.
Having an event that ran so smoothly not only boosted school morale, but it also raise significant scholarship funds
for the Development office and provided the Parents and Family Association a fun platform for enrolling new
Homecoming was a fantastic experience. We received numerous emails and calls form attendees thanking us for
such a positive event, but Jane Doe definitely deserves the accolades. If it weren’t for her exceptional
performance, none of this would have been possible.
John Smith, Ph.D.
Vice President University Student Services