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Allow up to 24 weeks to complete the evaluation; longer periods may be experienced during peak times
or if we need to request additional information. The completed evaluation may be viewed on the web.
Transfer Credit Course Evaluation - Course evaluated will be used for BC degree purposes only, not for UC, IGETC, or CSU
Transfer General Education certification. Also, courses from out-of-state and private institutions will not be used for UC IGETC
or CSU General Education certification. Please check with your transferring institution. *An official transcript must be in our
files before an evaluation will be done, with the exception of Cerro Coso and Porterville Colleges. An appointment should be
made with your counselor/advisor to go over the evaluation. Transcripts for Porterville College or Cerro Coso Community
College are not required.
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Military evaluation*. A copy of your Smart Transcript must be provided.
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CLEP* Evaluation
You must be enrolled in classes at Bakersfield College before we can process this evaluation.
*An official transcript is not required for Cerro Coso or Porterville Colleges.
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