Background Investigation Release
I hereby authorize a representative of the Town of Woodstock, bearing this release, or copy thereof,
within one year of the above date, to obtain any information pertaining to my police record, medical
record, credit record, school record, and past and present employment record for the purpose of
background investigation.
In applying for employment with the Town of Woodstock, I hereby waive my right of access to the
letters relating to police records, medical, credit, school, or employment history, and letters of
Full Name:
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Full Name:
Social Security Number:
Telephone Number:
Subscribed and Sworn Before Me This Day of , .
(Notary Public)
My Commission Expires ,
Sec. 2-320. - Criminal history and other background checks of applicants, employees, and volunteers.
Pursuant to Sections 15.2-1503.1, 15.2-1505.1, and 19.2-389 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended, the town manager, or his or
her agent, in the interest of public welfare and safety, is enabled to require fingerprinting and access to information generated from the state and
national criminal history record regarding applicants for certain employment or volunteer positions. The town manager shall determine the type
and scope of the criminal history record checks and any other background checks to be required and performed for the affected positions. The
town manager may require periodic criminal history record information and other background checks for current employees or volunteers.
Any applicant, employee, or volunteer shall, if required, submit to fingerprinting and provide personal descriptive information and any other
necessary paperwork to be forwarded along with the fingerprints through the Virginia State Police Central Criminal Records Exchange to the
Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of obtaining state and national criminal history record information regarding such applicant,
employee, or volunteer. (Code of the Town of Woodstock, Virginia)