Bachelor’s Degree Information
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You indicated on your 2020-21 FAFSA that you possess a bachelor’s degree or will complete
one before the Fall 2020 semester begins. Students holding a degree have limited aid eligibility
when returning for continued undergraduate study. Some students may qualify for the
Michigan Tuition Grant, a subsidized and/or unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan,
a Federal Direct PLUS Loan, and/or private education loans.
Please check all applicable responses below to confirm your degree status as of the start of the
Fall 2020 semester and to explain your return to college:
I do not and will not possess a bachelor’s degree before July 1, 2020. I incorrectly
answered this question when completing the FAFSA.
I obtained a bachelor’s degree from Hope College (in what year)? __________
I obtained a bachelor’s degree from another institution:
Name of institution: ________________________________
Type of degree: ________________________________
I am returning for teacher certification.
I am returning for a second degree.
(B.S. and already have B.A., or B.A. and already have B.S.)
In what program do you plan to enroll? ____________________
I am returning for a second major.
Other: ______________________________________________
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