Student Number:
Bachelor of Journalism
Lower Level Requirements
First Year Requirements
CMNS 1160 Introduction to Communication,
VISA 1500 Introduction to Visual Culture
CMNS 1160
VISA 1500
Second Year Requirements
CMNS 2160 Mass Communication and the Popular Culture Industry
CMNS 2290 Professional and Business Writing
JOUR 2020 Media Theory and History
JOUR 2060 Introduction to Multimedia
JOUR 2200 Introduction to Reporting Skills
JOUR 2210 Introduction to News Photography and Videography
CMNS 2160
CMNS 2290
JOUR 2020
JOUR 2060
JOUR 2200
JOUR 2210
Credits: 24
Lower Level Electives
Recommended Electives
CMNS 1290 Introduction to Technical Writing
CMNS 2170 Interpersonal Communication
CMNS 2180 Social Networks and Internet Memes
CMNS 2200 Technology and Communication
DAAD 1500 Digital Photography
DAAD 1950 Publishing and Digital Prepress 1
DAAD 1960 New Media 1: Multimedia, Animation and Online Publishing
DAAD 2950 Publishing and Digital Prepress 2
DAAD 2960 New Media 2: Multimedia, Animation and Online Publishing
ENGL 1100 or 1110
Students should consider areas of Journalistic emphasis
(e.g. Science Journalism, Political Journalism, etc.)
BJOUR Upper Level
Upper Level Requirements
Core Requirements
JOUR 3520 Research Methods
JOUR 3700 Media Law and Ethics
Career Prep (1 credit courses)
JOUR 2800 Journalism Career Preparation 1
JOUR 3800 Journalism Career Preparation 2
JOUR 4800 Journalism Career Preparation 3
JOUR 3520
JOUR 3700
JOUR 2800
JOUR 3800
JOUR 4800
Required Electives
Choose 9 of the following courses
JOUR 3030 News Writing
JOUR 3110 Layout and Design
JOUR 3160 Online Journalism
JOUR 3230 Beat Reporting
JOUR 3510 Photojournalism
JOUR 3540 Feature Writing
JOUR 3550 Media and Public Relations
JOUR 3980 Internship (Summer Only)
JOUR 3990 Service Learning: Internship
JOUR 4020 Advanced Media Theory
JOUR 4110 Issues in Journalism: A Case Studies Approach
JOUR 4130 Advanced Online Journalism
JOUR 4150 Popular Science, Nature and Technology Writing
JOUR 4210 Freelance Writing
JOUR 4270 Investigative Journalism
JOUR 4310 Literary Journalism
JOUR 4590 Outlaw Journalism
JOUR 4750 Senior Project
JOUR 4820 Advanced Interviewing Technique and Practice
Credits: 36
Upper Level Electives
Recommended Electives
CMNS 3020 Travel Media
CMNS 3050 Communication, Marketing and Design
CMNS 3070 Studies in Communication and Rhetoric
CMNS 3230 Information Design
CMNS 3240 Advanced Professional Communication
CMNS 3500 Selected Topics in Communication and Public Relations
CMNS 3510 Intercultural and Cross-cultural Communication
CMNS 3600 Studies in Communication, Film and Digital Production
CMNS 3700 Studies in Communication and New Media
CMNS 3800 Communication and New Media
CMNS 4530 Organizational Communication
CMNS 4980 Field Course in Documentary Filmmaking
FILM 3250 Quebec Cinema in Translation
FILM 3850 Film Theory
FILM 4050 Film Noir
FILM 4100 The American Frontier in Film & Television
FILM 4140 Films of the Cold War
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