BV Community Arts Council • General Grant Application Form
Revised 12/17/2011
Grant Application Checklist:
Completed Cover Page
General Application Info
Project Title, 10 words or less
Project Summary, 150 words or less
Grant Information, up to 2 pages max (attach a word document if this form is not sufficient)
Projected Budget (final budget will be completed within the bv arts council website)
Attach any support materials you think are helpful (photos, work samples)
Email to (preferred) or mail to BV Community Arts Council, Box 3971, Smithers BC, V0J 2N0
BV Community Arts Council • General Grant Application Form
Revised 12/17/2011
Grant Application Cover Page:
Your Name/Organization:
Phone Number: Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address (if different than Mailing Address):
Project Title: (10 words or less)
Project Summary: (Summarize your project in 150 words or less)
Have you applied to the BVCAC for funding before?
If YES, What year did you apply?
What was the name/description of your project?
Did you submit a final report? Yes No
(Note: Final reports were not required before August 2011. All grant applications submitted after
August 2011, must submit a final report. New applications will not be reviewed until past final
reports have been received).
Grant Information:
Please briefly tell us: (Attach a separate page, no more then 2 pages please)
1. What are the details of your idea? Please describe the event, program or activity you would like to create.
We respectfully request the BVCAC to provide $2,000 in funding towards our upcoming concentrated efforts in outreach
activities scheduled between October 2011 – December 2011. Funding will be specifically applied to pay for :
Hire a local designer (preferably a youth still in High School) to create graphics for a CICK T-shirt
- print T-shirt
- distribute to current members at nominal cost to increase visibility in the community
- sell T-shirts to new members (note: this will not be an income generator, but will cover costs)
Approach SpeeDee Interior Stationary to have an artist design a display of radio/music related books and CICK
information on Main Street store-front window
- coordinate timing of Main St window display with outreach party
- increase visibility on Main Street, reaching people from all walks of life
Smithers Community Radio(CICK 93.9) has been in broadcasting since January 2010. While we have received
overwhelming enthusiasm from the community members who learn about us, we are not yet well known in the Bulkley
Valley. We have only 24 paid memberships. We have done basic publicity campaigns including live broadcasts of events
like Dub in the Pub and maintaining a presence at the Fall Fair. However, with high profile events such as ‘A Valley Home
Companion’ being put on hold, we have not achieved the recognition we need in our community. We have successfully
received funding from Community/Campus Radio Fund of Canada to hire two High School interns this year to tackle
administrative needs and to mentor them in creating local interviews. However, we do not have a strong presence in the
High School. We are at a turning point, where volunteer DJs are needed and membership levels must rise in order for us
to survive before our Board members burn out.
CICK Community Outreach Project
Smithers Community Radio Society (CICK 93.9)__
PO Box 834, Smithers V0J2N0__
3768 2nd ave, Smithers
BV Community Arts Council • General Grant Application Form
Revised 12/17/2011
(1. ctd)
2. How will your idea benefit your community and/or local artists or art students? What are your anticipated
results of the proposed project?
3. Please tell us a detailed schedule for the project. When will it start? When will it be completed?
4. Please provide a budget for your project. Use budget template that is attached.
(The BVCAC is looking for the following information: What is the total cost? How exactly will the
BVCAC money be spent? Do you have other sources of income besides the BVCAC?)
5. Please review the final report form before your submit your grant request. We ask that you keep track of
certain statistics (number of people served by grant, number of people in audience, etc). You must be
willing to track these things if funding is received.
Hire a local youth designer/artist to create a CICK 93.9 radio publication (zine
- will feature interviews with local CICK DJs
- will include CICK radio schedule and listing of Djs
- interviews and reviews of local musicians
- music/arts events calendar including details of upcoming CICK outreach party
- the publication will feature local art and drawings and will be available for free at coffee shops, art gallery, library, High
School and other public venues.
Host a community outreach party featuring local bands with live broadcast of the event
- outreach to local musicians that we are interested in playing their music on the radio
- outreach to community members with interest in becoming DJs
- outreach to community listeners to become members of the station, education about member benefits
- give visibility to current business sponsors and outreach for new sponsorship
Community Radio is a platform where individuals can express their interests in music, arts, entertainment or public policy,
and where we as listeners get the benefit of their creativity. We believe that live radio programming is an artistic
expression of the DJ. The radio station benefits the community at large because we
1. Strengthen the "cultural health" of a region
2. Empower citizens by providing a forum for a diversity of viewpoints and ideas
3. Promote awareness of community-based organizations and services
4. Support local artists, musicians, and cultural activities
5. Offer an effective instrument for community development
6. Compliment local educational efforts
The outreach activities planned for Fall 2011 as designed to increase the stability of CICK radio station. They are also
designed to engage local artists including designers/visual artists, DJs, and musicians.
Our outreach activities will begin in October 2011 and end in December 2011.
BV Community Arts Council • General Grant Application Form
Revised 12/17/2011
Graphic designer for t-shirt and layout
Musicians for outreach event
Artist Fees - Graphic designer and layout for zine
Artist Fees - DJ
Space rental
t-shirts and printing
supplies for window display
food for party
Admin time, setup, invitations
Printing costs and advertisements
BV Community Arts Council • General Grant Application Form
Revised 12/17/2011
CICK allocated
In kind from Board and Community
this request
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