Submit a Valid Copy of your Photo ID and Dealer License. If you have questions, please call (608) 266-1425.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
MV2941 3/2019 Ch. 218 Wis. Stats.
Auction Number:
Auction Name:
Dealer License Number
Dealer License Expiration (mm/dd/yyyy)
If Dealer license expires in less than 1 year, fee is $6
If Dealer license expires in more than 1 year, fee is $12
Out-of-State fee is $6
Duplicate fee is $12 (check reason below)
Lost Destroyed Stolen Illegible
Dealer Name
Dealer Owner Name
Dealer Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code
Dealer (Area Code) Telephone Number
Dealer Email Address
Applicant Driver License Number OR Photo ID Number
Applicant State License or ID
APPLICANT’S STATEMENT You must check a box for statement 1-2
Yes No (1) Were you ever denied a Bid/Buyer/Sales/Rep or
Dealer License* in this or any other state?
If Yes, please explain:
Applicant Social Security Number (for verification purposes)
Applicant Name (Last, First, MI)
Applicant (Area Code) Telephone Number
Applicant Email Address
Yes No (2) Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
If Yes, attach explanation.
Applicant Residence Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code
* A Buyer’s License is required to submit bids and purchase motor vehicles held and
offered for sale by a motor vehicle wholesale auctions. Employees of motor vehicle
dealers or wholesalers are eligible for Buyer’s Licenses.
Eye Color
Hair Color
I understand pursuant to s.218.0114 Wisconsin Statute that this license
alone does not allow me to sell vehicles to retail customers in the state
of Wisconsin.
I affirm under penalty of s. 946.32 or 345.17 Wisconsin Statues, that the
answers and statements on this application are true and correct. I
understand that a misstatement on the application would result in the
denial, suspension or revocation of my BUYERS license under Ch. 218
Wisconsin Statutes.
Male Female
Birth Date (m/d/yyyy)
DEALER’S STATEMENT I request that a card be issued and agree
that the dealer take full responsibility for the actions of the above named
employee as a buyer’s licensee.
Print Name
Print Name
(Owner or Authorized Agent Signature)
(Date m/d/yyyy)
(Employee/Applicant Signature)
(Date m/d/yyyy)
In-State Buyer’s License is valid until employing dealer's license expires. Out-of-State Buyer’s License is valid until employing dealer’s
license expires, for a maximum of 12 months. The buyer’s license expiration date will appear on your card.
All licenses are mailed to the dealer license credential address only
1. To avoid delays in processing, please complete the entire application.
2. A separate Buyer’s License Application is required for each
dealership for which you will be purchasing vehicles.
3. Complete the application in its entirety.
4. Provide a copy of a driver’s license or other official government issued
PHOTO IDENTIFICATION card belonging to the applicant.
5. Provide social security number. The buyer’s license cannot be issued
without it. Ch. 218.0114(21e)(a) and Ch. 218.0014(213)(c)
6. Enter the motor vehicle dealer or wholesaler license number issued to
the business. If the dealer is an out-of-state business, include with the
application a PHOTOCOPY of the credential which is issued to the
business by the regulating authority in that jurisdiction verifying the
authority of the entity to do business.
7. Answer all Yes/No questions, explain all Yes answers.
NOTE: If the dealer license is not in English, you must include an English
translation. The license must allow buying and selling, not just importing
and exporting, to qualify.
8. Indicate the type of application: In-State or Out-of-State, original,
renewal, or duplicate. Include the appropriate fee with the application.
If a DUPLICATE application, indicate the reason. Include original
Buyer’s License with this application if not lost, stolen or destroyed. If
a lost or stolen card is recovered after a duplicate is issued, return the
recovered license.
9. Sign the application where applicant’s signature is indicated.
10. Have Dealer’s statement signed by an owner or authorized agent of
the dealership.
11. Make check payable to: Registration Fee Trust
12. Submit completed application with check to:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Dealer and Agent Section
P.O. Box 7909, Madison, WI 53707-7909
Upon termination of employment, the Buyer’s License shall be
surrendered to the dealer or firm named on the license. This dealer
or firm shall return the license to the department for cancellation at
the address listed above.
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