A Business License is required for anyone who operates a business or performs work within the Murray City Limits.
Check One: ____ N
ew Business ____Secondary Business/Additional Location
____ New Owner/Transfer ____ Information Change(s)
Business Name: __________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Owner(s): ______________________________________________________ Email:__________________________________
Business Address: __________________________________________________________________ Booth #:____________
City: ___________________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________ Is this address a Residence? ____Yes ____No
Mailing Address: __________________________________________ City: _________________ State: _____ Zip: __________
Check Ownership Type: ____Sole Proprietor ____Partnership ____Corporation ____LLC ____LLP
On-Site Manager:_________________________________________________
Business Identification # (Tax ID#, EIN, or last 6 SSN): * __________________________ NAIC #___________________
*A separate application is nee
ded for all businesses that operate under the above business identification number.
If Non-Profit, Tax Exempt # ______________________ Open/Start Work Date: ____________________
Describe Type of Business: __________________________________________________________________________________
Will you have any signage on the premises or at any work site? ___Yes ___No
Emergency Contact Name: __________________________________________________ Phone#: ________________________
What do you estimate your yearly net profit sales to be? ____ $0 - $300,000 ____$300,001 - $600,000 ____$600,001 Greater
Affidavit of Gross Rental Income will need to be completed in order to qualify for rates associated with ranges listed below:
If you operate rental property Gross Rental Income: ____ $0 - $10,000 ____$10,001 - $25,000
Accounting Period: Calendar Year______ Fiscal Year______ Please specify beginning of year__________________
Do you have W2 employees working in Murray? Yes_____ No_____ Estimated number of W2 employees? _____
Mailing Address: City of Murray
Attn: Business License
P.O. Box 1236
Murray, KY 42071
Telephone (270) 762-0300 -
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If yes, under what company name is payroll paid? ________________________________________________________
Do you have 1099 employees working in Murray? Yes _____ No_____ (If so please attach a copy of 1099’s)
Estimated number of 1099 Employees _____ If you are a general contractor will you be using subcontractors? Yes__ No__
If you answered yes, you must provide a list of subcontractors to the City of Murray.
Murray location(s) and phone number if different from above_________________________________________________
Do you lease the property where the business is located? Yes_____ No_____
If yes, provide owner’s name and phone number ___________________________________________________________
Payroll Tax Withholding Requirement:
The City
of Murray imposes an occupational tax of 1% of all gross earnings earned by an employee who receives a W2 for
work performed and services rendered in the city limits of Murray. This applies to every resident and non-resident who works in
Murray. It is the responsibility of each employer to withhold this tax and pay on the required periodic basis. Employers who
fail to withhold or pay the tax to the City shall be personally liable to the City for any sums due, unless exempt to be withheld.
Phone Number____________________________
**PLEASE NOTE** It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the City of Murray of any changes in
ownership, addresses, number of employees or termination of business activity. The undersigned (business)
agrees to be responsible for all collection costs and attorney’s fees in connection with any delinquent
I declare under penalty of perjury that the above application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I will
operate my business in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and city laws and regulations and permit enforcement
authority onto business property of such laws and regulations.
Signature: __________________________________________ Title: ________________________ Date: _________________
Zoning Location: ________ CUP Required: _____Yes _____No____Signage: _____Yes _____No Fire Inspection Fee: $_____________
Approved By: ______________________________________ Date: _________________ Fire Inspection Invoice #:____________________
Classification:_________________________________________________ Fee Amount:$___________ Business License #: _______________
Please provide contact information below for person completing this application:
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