For high school students
The Bridge Program is designed for high school juniors or seniors who have at least a “B” high school average. The Bridge Program
will allow high school students to acquire college credits while still attending high school, “a jump start on college.”
To apply:
l Meet with your high school guidance counselor to establish your educational goals. 
l Complete the Bridge Form and have it approved and signed by your parent/guardian and high school guidance counselor.
l Submit the completed Bridge Form with a Union County College Application.
l You will required to take the ACCUPLACER Test or you must submit your SAT scores with your application.
Name_____________________________________________________________ Student ID#: _________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________________________
City_____________________________________ State __________ Zip __________ DOB: ____________________
Home Phone _____________________________________ Cell Phone _____________________________________
E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________
This Section is to be completed by High School Counselor and Parent/Guardian
Please check semester for which permission is granted: ____/Fall ___/Winter ___/Spring ___/Summer Year _____
I give permission to Union County College to release any information concerning my enrollment including my grades in these courses
to my high school and/or parent/guardian.
Student Signature _______________________________________________________________ Date ________________________
Desired Union County College Courses
1. ____________________________________
2. ____________________________________
Alternative Union County College Courses
1. ____________________________________
2. ____________________________________
High School Approval: __________________________________ ________________________ _________
Signature Title (print) Date
High School Name & Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Approval: __________________________________________________________ __________
Signature Date
cc: Office/Student
Union County College does not discriminate and prohibits discrimination, as required by state and/or federal law, in all programs and activities,
including employment and access to its career and technical programs.
Rev. 06/19
Tuition and Fee Policies
I certify that all information I have supplied on this form is accurate and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation of facts
may constitute cause for cancellation of my registration and/or dismissal. I acknowledge that I will drop/add classes prior to the start
of the semester so as not to incur additional fees. Should changes occur to my schedule after the start of the semester, I will be
responsible for payment of any and all fees. I am aware of the College’s current payment/refund policies.
Conduct and Behavior
Bridge students are responsible for their conduct and behavior and must understand and comply with information in all Union County
College student publications printed and online, including the online College Catalog, the Student Handbook, important term date
information, and official publication for student use.
Disability and Accommodations
If you have a disability and are in need of academic accommodations, please contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with
Disabilities at (908) 709-7164.
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Is College Credit Earned? 
College credit earned as a Bridge student is accepted at Union County College toward any relevant program. These credits are also
transferable to other colleges under the terms and requirements of the receiving college. Union County College advisors will assist you
with this.
Will Dual Credit be awarded? 
Please be aware that it is at the discretion of your high school as to whether the credits you earn at Union County College may also be
used to meet high school graduation requirements.
How many Courses can Students Take at One Time? 
Bridge students may register for no more than 2 courses per semester.
Will I Have a Choice of Attending Day, Evening or Weekend Classes? 
Yes, in most cases you will select your course from the regular schedule of classes, however, to attend during the day would require
special permission from your high school.
What Does It Cost to take Courses as a Union County College Bridge Program Student?*
Bridge students pay the same tuition and fees as other Union County College students. Information on tuition rates and
course fees, where applicable, are available in the Union County College catalog, on the web at, or from the
Student Accounts Office.
Will I Attend Classes with Regular College or just Bridge Students?
Bridge students will be attending classes with regular Union County College students.*
How Will I Receive My Grades?
At the completion of each semester, you must retrieve your grades from Web Services at
May I Take Courses at any Union County College campus?
Yes, you may choose to take your courses, as available, at our Cranford, Elizabeth, or Plainfield Campuses.
Will I Be Eligible for Financial Aid?
Students who are enrolled in a secondary (high school) school are not eligible for federal and state grants, work or loans at
a post-secondary institution.
*Parents of Bridge students may not attend classes with their students unless they wish to officially register and pay for the courses.
Rev. 06/19