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What’s on the May 2020 Primary ballot?
Republican/Democratic Ballot
United States Sen
United States Representative
Legislative District Offices
County Commissioners
County Sheriff
County Prosecuting Attorney
Precinct Committeemen
School Bond/Levy (if applicable)
Non-Partisan Ballot
School Bo
nd/Levy (if applicable)
ALL voting for the May 19, 2020 Primary Election will be done by mail ballot only
due to COVID-19 concerns. If you would like to vote in this Primary*, please
complete and submit this request and return it to the election office as soon as
possible or visit to register and/or request a ballot. The last day for
a request to be received by the election office is May 19, 2020. If you have already
requested mail absentee ballots for 2020, you do not need to send another
*NOTE: A ballot will not be mailed without a request.
For Ofcial Use Only:
Last Name First Name Middle Name Sufx (Sr., Jr., etc.)
Residence Address
Zip Code
Email (Optional - which will be public record)
Phone Number (Optional - which will be public record)
Mailing Address
Zip Code Country (Other than USA)
Signature of Voter Date
Constitution Party Democratic Party Libertarian Party Republican Party Unafliated
Democratic Ballot
Non-Partisan Ballot
Democratic Ballot
Non-Partisan Ballot
Democratic Ballot
Non-Partisan Ballot
Republican Ballot
Democratic Ballot
Non-Partisan Ballot
Democratic Ballot
Republican Ballot
(you will become afliated
with the Republican Party)
Non-Partisan Ballot
Residence Address
Mailing Address
May 19 Primary Ballot Selection
Check Below to Request Absentee Ballots for Other Scheduled 2020 Elections
— Complete this section ONLY if the ballot is to be mailed to an address different than the address in section 1.
This form is for any registered voter in Bonneville County wishing to absentee vote in the 2020 elections.
1. REQUEST: To receive a mail absentee ballot for the May 19, 2020 Election, please complete this form and return it to:
Bonneville County Elections
825 Shoup Ave
Idaho Falls ID 83402
- or -
email signed request to
2. WAIT: The first absentee ballots will be mailed 30-45 days prior to Election Day to voters who have submitted their
requests by then. Last day for an application for a mail-in absentee ballot to be received by the county clerk is
May 8, 2020 not later than 5:00 p.m.
3. VOTE & RETURN: Return your voted Primary ballot to Elections Office before 8 p.m. on Election Day, May 19, 2020.
Your party affiliation will affect your ballot choice for May
Primary Election; you may view your party affiliation at Note: You may not change your party affiliation at this time. Please see the ballot options for party
affiliations and unaffiliated voters below. Please call the Elections Office at (208) 529-1363, should you have any questions.
Find your party afliation and select ONE of the ballot options below.
August 25, 2020 Election (School Bond or Levy - if applicable)
November 3, 2020 General Election
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