Bioelements has been committed to estheticians, awarded by experts and loved by clients since 1991. Still a
family owned business, Bioelements is dedicated to those who rely on our spa products for results – the skin care
professionals. In addition to our groundbreaking anti-aging professional facial products, Bioelements educates
and supports thousands of licensed estheticians with in-spa and online classes, step-by-step videos, webinars,
launch events, tradeshows and On Location Classes.
We recognize that our success and growth is tied to the reputation of our network of select Authorized Resellers
who are passionate about professional skin care, understand quality, appreciate education, and know how
important it is to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.
Bioelements is pleased to offer you the non-exclusive rights to use and sell our products in your brick and mortar
salon and spa to your customers. Your physical location must:
Carry professional-use-only and retail products or professional-use-only products
Promote Bioelements esthetic services (facial and/or body) on your service menu
Staff a minimum of one licensed skin care professional
Offer Bioelements professional services within a properly equipped room for esthetic treatments
Maintain accurate and up-to-date company information and disclose all locations that carry
As always we are committed to supporting the efforts of the professionals who utilize our products, and this
extends to taking the steps necessary to minimize the diversion of our products to outlets and resellers that do
not compliment your efforts. The product should not be sold directly to the consumer online, or via third party
marketplace websites (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart or other similar sites), drop-ship accounts (,,, etc.) classified sites (, Facebook Marketplace etc.) in outlets or to
any other business. The product is intended for use in your physical business only and to sell to your customers
within your location.
No other channel or media should be used without Bioelements’ express permission. Bioelements reserves the
right, in its unilateral discretion, to take action, including termination of its relationship, with respect to any Salon
or Spa that sells Bioelements product in unauthorized channels as described above. Violations of this policy shall
be determined by Bioelements in its sole and absolute discretion.
By signing this document I acknowledge that I have read and understand the content provided within this reseller
policy. My signature also certifies my acknowledgment that this document will be kept on permanent file by
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