COVID-19 Specific - Play Area/Outside Gym Risk Assessment
COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways and is caused by a virus called Coronavirus. The symptoms can be mild, moderate,
severe, or fatal.
This is a draft copy of a generic Risk Assessment for dealing with COVID-19. It is not likely to cover all scenarios and each council should consider their own
unique circumstances.
Name of Assessor:
Assessment Date:
Review Date:
dd mmm yyyy
dd mmm yyyy
What are
the hazards?
Who might be
Controls Required
Additional Controls
by who?
Action by
Spread of
Vulnerable groups
elderly, those
with existing
underlying health
Anyone else who
physically comes in
contact with the
play equipment
and/or Outside
gym equipment
Frequently cleaning and disinfecting
objects and surfaces that are touched
regularly particularly in areas of high
use. Parents, Guardians and users of
the gym equipment should be
encouraged to clean the equipment
before and after use by way of signage
Social Distancing
Social Distancing - Reducing the
number of people to allow a distance
of 2 metres, where possible, as
recommended by the Public Health
Wearing of Face Masks
Should be encouraged but would be
difficult to police
Posters, leaflets and other materials are
available for display.
Regular checks should be carried out to ensure
strict adherence to the rules otherwise closure
has to be considered
To advise parents and users that the
equipment needs to be sanitised
before and after use.
Reminder regarding socially distancing.
Reminder to wear a mask
Booking system
Instigate a booking system for the
equipment only feasible if the
equipment is under total
control/supervision of council i.e. an
indoor play area
One Way System
Consideration should be given to
installing a one way system around the
equipment if this is feasible
Increase the number of refuse
collections (or increase the number of
receptacles) to ensure that there are
adequate facilities for people to
dispose of their litter
Use of a number of “CORONAVIRUS!”
Signs to remind users that the virus is still active.
Any views or opinions expressed in this document are for guidance only and are not intended as a substitute for appropriate professional advice. We have taken all reasonable
steps to ensure the information contained herein is accurate at the time of writing. In relation to any particular risk assessment issues, readers are advised to seek specific
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