The Department of Art
BFA Application
Application Deadline: Applications accepted during Fall and Spring semesters
Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Studio Art
Description and Application Guidelines:
The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree program is intended for students who plan to pursue a
professional career in art or to prepare for specialized graduate study. This degree requires 78
credits in art, art history, and approved electives in related disciplines. Students in the BFA
program, admitted by required portfolio review, are required to complete at least one course in
each major studio area, participate in faculty/student reviews each semester, obtain an 18-
credit concentration, and successfully complete ART401 BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition.
BFA candidates must meet the following criteria to fulfill BFA degree requirements:
1) Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in ALL COURSES IN THE MAJOR, including a minimum
grade of C in all art and art history courses.
2) Maintain a cumulative Brockport GPA of 2.5.
3) Complete a total of 78 credits in Art and Art History (or other courses through advisement).
4) Complete at least 18 credits in an area of concentration.
5) Participate in the BFA Group Review each semester.
6) Present a thesis exhibition during the final semester in the program.
BFA candidates are expected to:
1) Meet as a group with the Chair of the Department and/or BFA coordinator at start of each
semester for an informational session to review criteria and expectations.
2) Commit significant time and energy to work outside of class time.
3) Be an active part of the arts community at Brockport and in the Rochester
community at large.
4) Help mentor other art students and be a good role model for the Tower Fine Arts
5) Seek out constructive criticism from faculty and peers.
6) Complete assignments according to expectations set by faculty.
Submission of Application Materials:
Submit the materials listed below. (For any clarifications or questions related to the submission process,
contact Chris Carson, Art Department Chair at
1. Submit 10-15 examples of work in JPG or PDF format.
JPEGS should be 72 dpi and no larger than 1240 pixels in any dimension and no larger
than 1MB.
Please make sure the images are clear and files are labeled. Any images that are illegible
will not be reviewed.
Select work that best demonstrates technical, conceptual and aesthetic proficiency.
Including some work created from observation is highly encouraged. Give yourself enough
time to properly photograph your work. Make sure digital images have excellent focus,
lighting, and are cropped to exclude unnecessary information. Good work that is poorly
documented equals unacceptable work in a review process.
2. Submit a separate image checklist that indicates title, medium, size, and date for each work
submitted. For works that require an explanation, you may include a brief narrative after the
information for that particular piece.
3. Submit a well-written, grammatically correct, concise one-page statement addressing the
following points:
A. Your reasons for applying to the BFA program.
B. Your past experiences in art. How have these experiences influenced your decision
to pursue a BFA degree?
C. Who has inspired you as an artist and why?
4. Academic Record: Submit an official transcript or a copy of your current Degree Audit with
your major GPA and overall GPA marked with a highlighter marker.
5. Two letters of recommendation.
6. Complete and submit the “Application and Application Checklist”
Submission Information:
Use one of the following methods to submit your application:
1) Zip documents, photographs, and scans and email single zip file to the Art Dept
Chair at
2) Combine all documents, photographs, and scans into 1-2 MB complete PDF file and
email to the Art Dept Chair at
3) Send files to Art Dept Chair at using file-transfer tool such
as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Box, Sendspace, etc.
BFA Studio Art Program Application
Name: ________________________________________________________
Current Address: _
Home Phone Nu
Cell Phone N
Email Address_____________________________________________________
Proposed Ar
ea of Concentration:
Are you a Transfer Student? Yes No
If yes, School, City, and State (if more than one list most recent):
Major: ____________________ GPA: ______________
Are you currently attending Brockport? Yes No
If no, when do you plan to attend SUNY Brockport? _______________________
Have you applied to the BFA Program before? Yes No
High School Name, City and State (if more than one list school you graduated from):
GPA: ___________________
Application Checklist:
Application Form
Transcripts or Brockport Degree Audit
10-15 Images
Corresponding Image Checklist in DOC or PDF format
Written Statement of Intent
Two letters of recommendation
Please check all that apply:
I am waiting to see if I am accepted into the BFA program before applying to
the College.
I have applied to the College and am waiting for notification.
I have already been accepted to the College.
I have applied to the BFA Studio Art program before, this is my ___ attempt.