BEd Practicum Registration 2022-23
Individuals in the Bachelor of Education program must register for practicum
each academic year. Please complete
and email this form to by 4:30 p.m. on March 7, 2022. Only electronic submissions will be
accepted. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a $75 late fee and
The Practicum Registration Form serves only as a guide for allocation. Submission of this form indicates that you
have read and understand the terms outlined herein.
1. Practicum must be completed in one of our partner school boards.
2. Individuals who graduated from a secondary school within their preferred board choices may be given priority
consideration in the first round of board assignments. In such cases, deadlines for submission of appropriate
documentation must be met to be eligible.
3. All practicum weeks scheduled in an academic year will be completed in the same school board; however, the
Practicum Office reserves the right to make board changes if necessary.
4. The Practicum Office is unable to approve placement requests based on individual circumstances. For example,
individuals working part-time jobs, homeowners, individuals without a vehicle/driver's license, etc. To this end,
individuals may not request a particular school, teacher, grade, or subject.
5. Individuals may be placed anywhere within the geographic boundaries of their assigned school board and are
responsible for making their own living and travel arrangements. A long commute (an hour or more) should be
expected. In some cases, individuals will be required to travel to a placement that is not accessible by public
6. The BEd program is expensive. Changes to the practicum will not be made based on financial need.
7. Individuals must not negotiate their own placements with school boards, principals, or teachers. Doing so could
jeopardize their practicum status.
8. Individuals who anticipate the need for additional support must register with the Office of Student Development
and Services as early as possible and prior to commencing the practicum. Failure to do so could result in a delay of
9. Individuals must meet the practicum requirements of their assigned school board to be eligible for placement (i.e.,
health and safety training, COVID-19 Vaccination Disclosure).
10. Individuals must provide a clear Police Vulnerable Sector Check to the Practicum Office by noon on September 20,
2022. Please refer to the documents included with your acceptance package for details.
possible cancellation of the practicum/withdrawal
from the BEd program.
Notice Regarding Catholic School Boards
Individuals intending to become employed with a Catholic District School board are encouraged to verify with the
board whether a pre-service religious education course is required. A pre-service religious education elective
course is offered in years 2/6 of the BEd program.
Individuals assigned to the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic D.S.B. for practicum may be required to enroll in the
pre-service religious education course in years 2/6.
Individuals assigned to a Catholic school board may be required to provide a pastoral reference (from a Catholic
priest). These individuals will be contacted by the Practicum Office.
Please read carefully prior to choosing your school boards on the next page:
1. You must choose three different school boards from the list of partner school boards provided. If you do not
provide three different boards, your registration will be moved to the bottom of the pile and your board
assignment will be delayed.
2. You may choose only one of the school boards in North Bay (Near North D.S.B. or Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic
D.S.B.) Placement availability in this area is limited. If choosing a North Bay school board, your other two board
choices must be out-of-town.
3. Your preferred cities/towns are suggestions only. You must be prepared to commute to any school within the
geographic boundaries of your assigned school board.
4. Not everyone will receive their first board choice. It may be necessary to place you in your second or third
choice school board. Please ensure you have suitable housing in all chosen school boards.
5. If selecting Toronto Catholic D.S.B., please include your closest intersection for your preferred city.
6. If selecting Toronto D.S.B., please indicate your top six wards from the Toronto Systemwide Map
( in order of preference for your preferred city.
7. If selecting Peel D.S.B., please indicate your preferred municipality (Brampton, Caledon, or Mississauga) for your
preferred city.
8. If you will be playing on a Nipissing University varsity team, please include that in the additional information
section, and we will confirm with your coach.
Personal Information
First Name: Last Name:
Student ID: Program Year in 2022-23:
Permanent Address (Street, City, Postal Code):
Individuals in Junior/Intermediate, provide your teaching subject (one only):
Individuals in Intermediate/Senior, provide your teaching subjects (two only):
Board Choice #1
Select your first-choice school board for practicum:
City will you be living in if assigned to your first-choice board:
Preferred cities for placement in your first-choice board:
Board Choice #2
Select your second-choice school board for practicum:
City will you be living in if assigned to your second-choice board:
Preferred cities for placement in your second-choice board:
Board Choice #3
Select your third-choice school board for practicum:
City will you be living in if assigned to your third-choice board:
Preferred cities for placement in your third-choice board:
Some school boards need to know the schools you attended. Please list all elementary and
secondary schools you have attended in Ontario:
School Board
Please include additional information that might be helpful when assigning you to a school board:
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