Budget Account Number:
New Position Additional Course/ Course Release
Sabbatical/Leave Replacement for:
Tenure Track - To Begin:
Non-Tenure Track-Time Frame:
Status: Full-Time (6 courses - benefits eligible) Half-Time Plus (4-5 courses - benefits eligible)
Part-Time (3 courses or less - not eligible for benefits)
# Fall Semester Courses
Salary Range: $ Sem / Annual
# Spring Semester Courses
List of duties:
Educational requirements:
Teaching duties:
Brief description of other duties (if applicable);
Attach draft job ad (reviewed by Human Resources prior to placement)
HR Internal Use Only
Send out E-mail Notification Post to Beloit College Website Appointment with HR:
Forward completed requisition form to the following individuals for approval in the order listed below.
Department Chair: Date:
Director, Human Resources: Date:
President: Date:
Return to Human Resources. Upon receipt of the completed and approved personnel requisition form, Human
Resources will notify the Department Chair that hiring procedures may commence.
Person Hired For Position Date of Hire
Placement of advertising for faculty positions is done by the respective departments and will be charged to the
recruiting budget. Ads for open positions may not be placed until the personnel requisition form has been returned to
the Human Resources Office with all approved signatures. Ad copy must be reviewed and approved by Director
of Human Resources prior to ad placement. Please confirm approval to place job ad and account number with
Lisa Litchman, Ext. 2263 or An accounts payable requisition form must be completed for
each publication, and forwarded to the Dean’s office for budget approval.
Beloit College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual
orientation, physical or mental disabilities, or other bases prosecutable by law. All Ads should include the following
anti-racism statement:
Because equity and inclusion are central to our students’ liberal education and vital to the thriving of all members of our
residential learning community, Beloit College aspires to be an actively anti-racist institution. We recognize our
aspiration as ongoing and institution-wide, involving collective commitment and accountability. We welcome
employees who are committed to and will actively contribute to our efforts to celebrate our cultural and intellectual
richness and be resolute in advancing inclusion and equity. We encourage all interested individuals meeting the criteria
of the described position to apply.
Located in a diverse community close to Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago, Beloit is a selective undergraduate liberal
arts college that attracts students from across the United States and the world. The college emphasizes excellence in
teaching, learning beyond the traditional classroom, international perspectives, and collaborative research among
students and faculty. It is recognized as one of the Colleges That Change Lives. AA/EEO
Posting of the ads on-campus and on the college website will be done by Human Resources. Please forward a copy of
the advertisement via E-mail to:
CV of the new employee must be forwarded to HR along with a copy of the appointment letter.
Copies of the following items must be forwarded to Human Resources at the conclusion of the search. The search
will be filed for three years in compliance with EEOC requirements.
1. Copies of all external advertising and internal notices of open position
2. Access to all applications
3. Applicant Log
4. Access to (or copies of ) all correspondence
5. Evaluation documents or notes
6. List of Colleges or Universities contacted by letter or phone
7. Anything else relating to the search