BCB Minor Program Approval Form
Student name: Major:
Student ID #:
Email Address: WPI Box:
Acad. Advisor: Minor Advisor:
The BCB minor consists of the following two requirements: (a) 5/3 units in BB, MA, CS, and BCB, chosen from the course
lists in the catalog, with at least 1/3 unit in each of BB, CS, and MA, and no more than 2/3 unit from any of these three areas.
No more than 1 course at the 1000 level may be included from any one department: (b) 1/3 unit capstone: any BCB
3000/4000 level class. Please provide a transcript showing that you have taken or are taking the courses listed below.
COURSES Course Number Units Term
Biology Course 1/3
CS Course 1/3
Math Course 1/3
Other BB, BCB, CS or MA Course 1/3
Other BB, BCB, CS or MA Course 1/3
Capstone BCB Course 1/3
Required Signatures
Instructor ___________________________________ Date ________________
Certification of Completion of Minor Requirements*
BCB Program Rev. Com. _______________________ Date ________________
The student is responsible for filling out the form and getting signatures.
* Subject to no more than one unit overlap with other degree programs
BCB Program, March 2016